Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Find the Fierce Deity Armor Set

Published: May. 22, 2023
Updated: Dec. 20, 2023

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Our editor Alex has spent more than 250 hours with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Here, he explains where you can find the Fierce Deity Armor.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Where to find the boots, breastplate, cap, and blade of the Fierce Deity Armor.

Zelda TotK: How to find all Parts of the Fierce Deity Armor

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Fierce Deity Armor Set

The Fierce Deity Armor from Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is only useful for a certain period due to its average armor value. However, collectors still want to have the individual pieces of this set in their inventory.

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The complete armor set is not easy to obtain, especially since you can't buy it off the rack. Below, you will find out where the individual pieces of the Fierce Deity Armor set can be found.

Location of the Boots

Head southwest of the lookout post in the Plains of Hyrule to Mount Daphnos. You're interested in the wooden path to the north leading to the center of the Millennium Tree; the coordinates are approximately -1100, -0470, -0063.

Walk along the narrow path and then jump down into the inside of the tree. Glide all the way to the bottom, to the water there. Then, near the coordinates -1088, -0427, -0034, walk up the root.

Just a few meters ahead, you will see a particularly thick tree root, which you must climb as far as possible. Aim for the coordinates -1099, -0580, -0032. At this spot, there is an overgrown passage; clear it with a sword or another suitable weapon.

In the cave behind the passage, you will find a treasure chest containing the boots of the Fierce Deity Armor. Their standard armor value is 3 points.

Location of the Breastplate

Your next destination is the north of the Plains of South Akkala. At the Domsu’ Ino Shrine located there, you want to go to the ruins nearby. Enter them at the coordinates 3285, 1492, 0414. Glide through the first opening in the ground below and you will stand practically right in front of a treasure chest. It contains the Fierce Deity Breastplate.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Fierce Deity Armor Set Location 01
A part of the Fierce Deity armor is hidden behind an inconspicuous entrance.

Location of the Cap

Now, you need to head high up, as you must glide from the sky above the Akkala Highlands towards Inner Akkala, to the north. Keep an eye out at coordinates 3324, 3413, 0214 for a kind of giant rock chimney. It's your access to the "Cave at Skull Pond". The "chimney" goes incredibly far down, but you can glide it down without having to worry (actually, you could even fall).

Once in the water below, climb to the only shore and walk forward for a moment until a not-too-high rock wall blocks your path. Climb it and destroy the rubble pile there with a boulder hammer. In the next cave, look for a slightly higher shrine; there you will find the treasure chest with the Fierce Deity Cap.

Location of the Blade

Head to the east of Eldin Canyon. In the camp at coordinates 2613, 1307, 0149, talk to Prissen and receive the quest "The Hunt for Ramda's Treasure". Your first action here should be to feed the dog. Any meat can be used, about five pieces should suffice.

Then the dog will follow you to your destination, the "Cave at Askalt Lake" (the entrance is near Prissen). Again, follow your nose until a large rock gate opens to your right. Behind it lies the last shrine; it grants you the Fierce Deity Blade.

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