Jadis Talks About Rick Grimes: He’s “Something very Valuable” and Made her Famous in CRM

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In the current episode, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Rick Grimes is discussed for the first time in the series. Jadis, aka the garbage woman, talks about her way into CRM and the price she paid for it – we know it too well.

What do we know about Rick? For the last three years, fans have been wondering what happened to Rick and where he ended up. We only know that Jadis contacted him CRM after the heroic sacrifice on the bridge.

It was she who found Rick badly wounded on the river bank and saved him. But while in this episode (season 9, episode 5) we believed that Jadis was saving him because she believed in him as a leader, that seems to have been a mistake. More on that in a moment, but what do we know for sure about Rick and CRM?

  • Rick was rescued 6 years ago (on the show) and never reappeared
  • Michone found clues to his survival in season 10 of the mother’s series and went looking for him.
  • Virgil (via twd.fandom.com) met Rick after his disappearance (subject of Season 11b)
  • Jadis talks about Rick’s fate in the current season of World Beyond.

Rick was just a ticket? No way, this is his real value

What does episode 6 show? Like every Monday, another episode of the series The Walking Dead: World Beyond, limited to two seasons, was released today. Although it is rather unpopular with fans, it is our greatest source of information about CRM and Rick Grimes.

After we saw Jadis briefly for the first time last week, she was more present in episode 6. No wonder, because CRM chief Elizabeth Kublek ordered Jadis to monitor her daughter “Huck”.

In a conversation between Huck and Jadis it becomes clear: The two like each other, but are clear competitors. Even if Huck is far above Jadis in rank, she seems to be climbing the ladder of success quickly. She gives one reason for this to Huck himself: Rick Grimes.

That falls when Jadis Huck explains how she got into the Civic Republic in the first place. She could only enter with a very valuable ticket. And so Jadis says:

“It was 6 years ago. (…) I created a ticket to get into the Civic Republic. I gave them something very very valuable.”

Jadis protects and uses Rick: We have often asked ourselves why CRM hasn’t invaded Alexandria yet. Jadis said she used Rick to get into CRM, but that can’t be true. Well, that’s right on paper, but that wasn’t her intention.

  • She gives herself the surname Stokes, which she apparently adopted from her time with Priest Gabriel.
  • Jadis claims she lived in the wilderness on her own before arriving in CR.
  • She admits that before that she had her own group that was destroyed by false alliances. In doing so, she is alluding to the alliance with Negan and the Saviors.

What is striking about the conversation between Huck and Jadis is that she does not say a single word about Gabe, the free communities, Alexandria and Co. She has taken refuge in a web of lies and alternative stories.

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What is Rick’s value for CRM? The only thing we really know about Rick’s fate is that he’s alive and somewhere in the Civic Republic. We still don’t know why he is such an incredibly valuable person.

Ere is at least a leader and not a test subject. We have fully dealt with the difference between A and B people in a separate article (via Survivethis.news): The Walking Dead: World Beyond dissolves the meaning of A & B and Rick’s fate


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