Arma 4 Announcement Around the Corner? Bohemia Plans Livestream on Arma Future

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Developer Bohemia Interactive surprisingly announced a live stream for next week about the future of the military simulator Arma. So is Arma 4 coming soon?

That’s what’s going on: Completely unexpectedly, the Czech developer Bohemia Interactive, which is best known for its military simulation Arma and the survival shooter DayZ, is planning a live stream about the future of the Arma series. Fans are hopefully awaiting an announcement for the 4th part after Arma 3 has been around for 9 years.

Is Arma 4 really coming – What we think

What could it be? The future of Arma is no longer written in the stars, but on the roadmap of developer Bohemia Interactive. Via social media, they have now announced a livestream that deals with the next plans for the military simulation.

What’s special is that there have been announcements about Arma 3 nicely more often in the past, but they were never announced in this way. Usually there was just a tweet about the new DLC being online or in the works.

Fans, therefore, assume that this announcement is something big — Arma 4 perhaps? Rather not, says our Arma expert and editor Kevin Willing. More likely is the announcement of the speculative Arma: Reforger, which according to leaks will have no single player or scenarios and is set in the Cold War.

When are we going to see? We will then find out what really awaits us on May 17, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. CEST on the official Arma Twitch channel.

Also interesting: This is what Arma 4 or DayZ 2 could look like with the new engine.


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