Escape from Tarkov - All retailers with 30% discount, probably no pre-wipe

Published: May. 12, 2022
Updated: May. 12, 2022

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In the hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov things have been going haywire for the past few weeks. The disappeared retailers have only recently returned and are now offering everything at a 30% discount!

Here's what's going on: The Lightkeeper event ended a few weeks ago and the missing traders are returning to their places. The community didn't like Battlestate Games' decision to temporarily remove the retailers and harshly criticized the developer. Nevertheless, there is now reason to celebrate, because everything that these retailers offer is reduced by a whopping 30%.

Dealers are offering 30% off everything!

In a tweet, the developers just posted a letter saying that the economy and the reputation of the dealers have been damaged by the Lightkeeper situation. Only through the efforts of the players could normally trade be reopened.


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To thank the players, there are now big discounts on all goods in Escape from Tarkov. Whole 30%. Even Elvira sells players access cards to the Laboratory Complex.

Wipe coming? The whole situation and 30% action doesn't seem like a pre-wipe event. It seems to be a remedy for all the chaos that Battlestate Games is responsible for. The Lightkeeper event was not well thought out and most players opposed it.

What do you think of the developers' "sorry" and will you take advantage of the retailer discounts? Share your thoughts and story in the comments below.

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