Build Valheim Blast Furnace & Craft Black Metal

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In Valheim you have to keep developing in order to beat better and better bosses. For the best items in Valheim you will need a blast furnace, among other things, and we will now explain how to get it!

What’s the matter? You need the Blast Furnace in Valheim from a certain point in the game to produce higher quality equipment. How you can build the furnace, what material you can process with it and much more, now.

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This is how you build the Blast Furnace in Valheimblast furnace

What does he bring? The Blast Furnace in Valheim is currently used to create Black Metal (black metal) manufacture. From this you craft stronger weapons, tools and shields.

Unlock and build: In order to get access to the blueprint of the Blast Furnace at all, you have to defeat the boss Moder. This one is located in the Mountain Biome and is a large white dragon.

Once you have defeated him, you have to set up a magic table and there you will find the blueprint. So that you can set up the coveted oven, you first need these materials:

  • Stone ×20
  • Surtling core ×5
  • Iron ×10
  • Fine wood ×20

Features: Now you can place the stove on the ground or on a stone floor. At the moment, however, you cannot place it on wood. It is also worth knowing:

  • The blast furnace burns coal once every 15 seconds
  • It takes 31 seconds for 1 iron to melt
  • You can pack a maximum of 20 coal and 10 ore in it

Melting Black Metal: To get the coveted Black Metal, all you have to do is pour in coal and “Black Metal Scrap”. Then you just wait. In addition to Black Metal, the Blast Furnace can also melt Flametal Ore. The product from it is not used in the current version of Valheim.


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