DayZ Namalsk Content Update: New Mysteries, Mechanics & More

Published: Mar. 11, 2021
Updated: Sep. 25, 2023


Three months after the initial release of DayZ Namalsk, the first content update is now waiting for you. You can find out what this contains and what cool innovations are hidden in it now.

Update Overview: After the release of the mod in December 2020, there were only a few small hotfixes and patches for the DayZ Namalsk Mod. Now finally real novelties should come into play. The Namalsk Content Update 1, for example, brings many new story snippets.

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This is in the first DayZ Namalsk content update

The highlight: According to developer Adam "Sumrak" Francu's own statements, the main focus of the first update for Namalsk will be on the continuation of the story.

How, you didn't notice anything about it? Yes, DayZ Namalsk has a story that only opens up to you if you perk up your eyes and ears. Unlike most games, Francu does not tell his story in a linear form, but via so-called environmental storytelling, i.e. telling the story with the help of the game world and locations.

Just a few days ago, Francu published a little teaser that should really heat the mood for the upcoming update. However, he did not reveal anything, except that the image material is a new underground base. This is of course intentional so as not to anticipate anything for you as a curious gamer.


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New events: Next, the availability of events will be changed in DayZ Namalsk Content Update 1. This mainly means weather and storm phenomena. So far there could only be one instance. But that should now have changed and in the normal state of a server two events will be able to run at the same time.

Food & warmth: The gas cooker can now be used to thaw food and water. Before consuming it, however, you have to make sure that your food is warm and not hot. If you eat hot food or water, you will suffer some damage. Warm food and drinks, on the other hand, still give you a plus on your heat buffer, but this has been reduced.


Further changes in DayZ Namalsk Content Update 1

  • Temperature: Swimming is now more dangerous as the heat buffer disappears instantly on contact with water.
  • Weapons: The distribution of magazines and weapons has been revised. Weapons and magazines are divided into tiers from 1 to 5. The stronger a weapon, the higher the animal. High levels can only be found in very specific locations.
  • Environment: Road flares can be burned in the fire now. This should reduce the items lying around and thus relieve the server performance.
  • Technology: The update contains many bug fixes.

Those were all the important changes of DayZ Namalsk Content Update 1. Have we overlooked or forgotten something, please write us a comment.

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