Hunt Showdown: How to Master PvP and PvE in The Wild South

Published: Mar. 10, 2021
Updated: Mar. 10, 2021

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Quiet soles are THE ultimate key to success in Hunt: Showdown? No, it takes way more. And what that is, we will show you in this Hunt Showdown PvP Guide!

What you need: Without good gunplay, encounters with other players, spiders, butchers, or mobs can quickly end up unpleasantly. Here you get the best tips and tricks to improve your Hunt: Showdown skills.

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These Tips and Tricks will improve your Hunt Gameplay

1. Adjust the settings for you

The most important observation right at the beginning. Hunt: Showdown is not a Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. It is therefore of no use to new players in particular if they plunge into the creeping gameplay with the highest mouse sensitivity and sprint through the area with a loud bang.

On the contrary, many experienced hunters recommend reducing mouse sensitivity. So you can react more calmly and aim better in combat situations. Here is a good video guide on this topic:


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2. Practice gunfights in Quick Play mode

Quick Play is a mode in Hunt: Showdown that runs in the Battle Royale style and is more in the direction of an actual shooter than the classic rounds of Bounty Hunt. The gameplay in this mode is action-packed and faster.

So you can prepare yourself perfectly for stressful combat situations with other hunters - without the risk of constantly losing your hunter. The quickly provocable PvP battles are perfect for you to adapt the game settings to your personal play style.

3. Focus on the AI opponents

Especially as a beginner, there are many mobs to discover in Hunt: Showdown who, along with other players, want to make life difficult for you. You can play a few rounds of Bounty Hunt in which you focus purely on AI opponents. This is the best way to practice coping with them.

That clears your head for the often much greater danger: other players. In addition, the focus on PvE makes it easy to practice shooting from difficult angles. It is not uncommon to find yourself ambushed by other players in a disadvantageous position in Hunt: Showdown.


4. Provoke fights like your life is at stake

Whoever fights could lose. Who does not fight has already lost. Take advantage of this saying! When you hear opponents, find and fight them. If you see opponents, attack them. Play aggressively, do the unexpected, and engage in confrontation at all costs.

Some Reddit users call this "exposure therapy". The advantage of this style of play? You get a lot of practical experience in fights in a short time, without having to hunt down bounties for long and lack of intensive player contact.

5. Choose the repeating rifle in faster shooters

To improve the gunplay in Hunt: Showdown, you have to get involved with the somewhat unusual weapons in the game. It could therefore help you not to always use the MP or assault rifle in other games.

A useful repeating rifle is available in most shooters. Improve your reaction time, aiming and positioning with these slower but more powerful weapons, and learn how to optimize your Hunt: Showdown gameplay.

6. Improve your aiming with aim-trainer software

There are various Aim trainers on Steam. Aim Lab (via is a free sample that uses a variety of scenarios to improve your ability to aim. Whoever aims better and shoots faster wins. At least that's the theory!


Your turn: I hope these six tips have made your hunter life in Hunt: Showdown easier and longer. Feel free to leave your feedback on these tips and share what helped you in the comments. Advice that has been found to be goodwill be supplemented

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