DayZ: Legendary Map "Sahrani" Returns - Combines Tropics, Desert and Forests

Published: Mar. 10, 2023
Updated: Mar. 10, 2023

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The legendary DayZ mod map Sahrani returns and veterans of the 15-year-old map can finally return to the desert and jungle of the twin islands. We show you the new map Sahrani and tell you how to play it!

What's it about? Modders have brought a new map to the survival MMO DayZ. It is the map Sahrani, which is loved and sorely missed by veterans. It originally came from the sister game Arma, but has burned itself into the hearts and brains of zombie fans in particular. Now we'll tell you what makes this map so special.

New map Sahrani offers previously unknown terrain for DayZ

Overview of the map: Sahrani is a group of islands in the Arma universe, consisting of two main islands and various smaller sub-islands. The island nation is split into North and South Sahrani. In the middle of the two islands there is a small land bridge where there is a city and a wide border strip. This place divides the nation. The map is also large at 20x20 km or 400 km². For comparison, DayZ's Chernarus is "only" 225 km².


What is there to discover? DayZ Sahrani offers the most diverse environment of all DayZ maps, whether Modded or Vanilla. In the south of Sahrani you will find a large desert with isolated oases and small towns. Further north, there is a hilly landscape with diverse vegetation, an airport and a large city. On the north island you will find a wide mountain range that stretches along the entire west coast. The vegetation here is more reminiscent of a Mediterranean climate. Mainly pine trees grow here. In addition, the entire northern island is much more rural and marked by high mountains.

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Sights, on the other hand, are very restrained. Here and there you'll find military bases, airfields and the border town in the middle of the map. Everything else is pretty average. However, all towns and villages consist of previously unused assets that you don't know from other DayZ maps. Also, visiting the surrounding islands is almost not worth it, except for building a safe base. But what is the reason for that?

As mentioned above, the map is already 17 years old and first appeared in the first Arma game after Operation Falshpoint. For an open world that has almost two decades under its belt, Sahrani is impressive; by today's standards, it feels rather empty and uninviting. Still, we highly recommend you take a look at Sahrani in DayZ Standalone. The map offers great opportunities for fierce battles and has a wonderful landscape.

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How to install and play DayZ Sahrani on PC

If you want to install and play DayZ Sahrani, you need DayZ on the PC or Steam. Here you get access to mods, the Steam Workshop and the mod launcher DZSA. And here are the instructions how to install DayZ Sahrani:

  • Install and run DayZ once before installation.
  • Download and install the DZSA launcher.
  • In the DZSA launcher, select the installation path of DayZ and choose a name.
  • In DZSA, select a server running Bitterroot and click "join".
    • Optional: Install Sahrani from the Steam Workshop.


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