DayZ: New Weapon From Update 1.17 “CR 550 Savanna” Is A Beast

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Since a few days, fans of DayZ can already look into the latest version of the survival game. The latest update 1.17 brought a lot of new items and also the new hunting rifle “CR 550 Savanna”. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the weapon.

What is new? With the update 1.17 for DayZ, the developers brought several new weapons into the game. Among them are two pistols, a spear and the CR 550 Savanna discussed here. It’s already considered an absolute beast, but what makes it so powerful? With the tools of YouTuber Wobo, we can check how good the newest weapon in DayZ really is!


Savanna is the best bolt-action sniper in DayZ

Here’s what the Savanna can do better than others: The newest sniper in DayZ is best described as the best of both worlds: it combines the best stats of the M 70 Tundra and the CR 527, making the CR 550 Savanna one of the best bolt-action snipers in DayZ ever, even on paper.

Another advantage is the large caliber, as the Savanna fires .308 Winchester ammo. This is also used by the LAR, the M70 and the Blaze. This gives the Savanna the highest damage per hit in all of DayZ. Damage is important, and so are the right attachments!

These attachments fit on the Savanna

  • Hunting Scope
  • Improvised Silencer
  • Ghillie wrap
  • 10-round CR 550 magazine

The magazine is then also the tipping point that lifts the CR 550 Savanna above the M 70 Tundra. But to do that, you have to find the magazine first. Without it, you are forced to load a new bullet into the chamber after each shot.

 CR 550 SavannaM 70 TundraM4A1
Bullet-Speed886 m/s886 m/s765 m/s
Eff. Distance400 m440 m300 m
Magazine10 +1560 + 1


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