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For a few days now, players in Hunt Showdown have been able to participate in the Traitor Moon event and unlock new weapons and cosmetics. This actually takes quite a while, but a YouTuber has figured out how you can complete the event in just a few hours!

What kind of event is it? The Traitor Moon event is again about destroying various totems on the map and picking up special event clues. This, in conjunction with looting hunters and stashes, will ensure that your EXP bar goes up. The more experience points you collect, the more rewards you get:

Who needs 10 days? How to complete the Traitor Moon event in just a few hours

How much do you need to collect? If you want to get all the items the event has to offer, you’ll need to collect quite a lot of experience points. You need a total of 10,000 events XP to unlock all the content. In the regular game, with regular tactics, this could take days under bad circumstances. Optionally, you can also exchange EXP boosters for real money or Blood Bonds. However, this is not our tactic!

Completing the Hunt Showdown event Traitor Moon quickly doesn’t require any big tricks — just focus! You should know the rules of the event in advance and how to use which bonus correctly.

Hunt Showdown: How to quickly complete the Traitor Moon event

  • Loot everyone: No matter when you see a corpse, or you’ve killed a player, loot his corpse without hesitation!
  • Use the Darkside: You should jump into the Darkside more often than usual to look for the clues.
  • Event Clues: Ignore the normal clues to the bosses and only collect the event clues.
    The last one clears the map: Once you’ve killed all the enemies, or if you think you’re the last one on the map, farm the map for every single totem that’s left.
  • Use event hunters: Use your money for event hunters in your next recruitment. These are marked with two overlapping crescent moons and give you an EXP bonus of 10%.
  • Use Event Traits: The Traitor Moon event also brought the new “Signer” trait, which increases the range of your shadow vision by 3 meters and also gives you a 10% EXP boost.

If you follow all the tips and apply your bonuses correctly, you can complete the Traitor Moon event in Hunt Showdown within 10 to 12 hours.

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