Dead Island 2 is Still in the Works and Could be Released in 2022, says Insider Tom Henderson

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For years, fans have been waiting for the zombie slaughter Dead Island 2, which was announced back in 2014 and has an obviously dramatic development history. Now, industry insider Tom Henderson has come forward with some good news.

What’s going on with Dead Island 2? 

  • Dead Island 2 has been in development for a good 10 years now. First developed by German studio Yager, it moved to Sumo Digital and is currently in the works at Dambuster Studios
  • In 2020, a playable version of Dead Island 2 surfaced. However, the build was from 2015 and therefore does not represent the current state of development (via
  • Since 2014, there has been no solid information or visuals on Dead Island 2. Now, industry insider Tom Henderson is speaking out and saying, “Everything is fine, look forward to it!” and even has some info on the story!
  • Tom Henderson is a leaker and insider who is extremely often right with his predictions and leaks, and shared info about Battlefield 2042 in advance.
    Dead Island 2 is still in development – When is a trailer coming?

This is what Henderson says: In a video on YouTube, the well-known leaker opens up new information about Dead Island 2. He confirms that the open world zombie game is indeed in development and is on a very good track. Henderson claims that he is in contact with employees of Dambuster Studios, who are said to have shared this news with him.

When will Dead Island 2 be released? Furthermore, Dead Island 2 is said to be announced with a release date as early as in the next few months. Possible dates for this would be E3 or gamescom 2022. The release window of Dead Island 2 is then supposed to be in Q4 2022, which means somewhere between October to December.

This is how Dead Island 2 is supposed to play

Dead Island 2 is supposed to take place in an open world. This is divided into three sections, two of which are already known. The locations are Los Angeles, San Francisco and another unknown location, which is also set in California.

Henderson also reports about what happens at the beginning of the game: Similar to The Forest, you start off in a plane. However, the passenger plane crashes over Hollywood, and you and your co-op teammates are the only passengers to survive.

In Beverly Hills you’ll have to loot some mansions, run away from a zombie horde and hide in the sewers. According to Henderson’s sources, the section in the sewers takes several hours of playing time.

Only after this section does the open-world adventure begin, about which unfortunately not too much is known yet. However, the gameplay should be quite similar to that of Dying Light 2, but does without parkour. There are crazy firearms, but modifiable melee weapons are the highlight in Dead Island 2 as well.


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