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Escape from Tarkov: Game Director Talks About 12.12 Update

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YouTuber NoiceGuy Tarkov spoke to Nikita Buyanov, Game Director of Escape from Tarkov, about update 12.12 for the survival shooter. We summarize what new features fans can expect from the upcoming patch.

What’s going on? After version 12.11 was released at the end of June 2021, we are now waiting for the upcoming release of update 12.12. There is no final release date for this yet, but Game Director Nikita Buyanov has already revealed a few details about the content of the update in a YouTube interview.

Escape from Tarkov: Version 12.12 brings weapon buffs, VOIP and new events

What exactly does version 0.12.12 contain? Buyanov has confirmed the following details and content for the next major update of Escape from Tarkov:

  • Various weapon buffs (VSS, AS VAL, ASH-12, and MCX have less recoil)
  • Shooting range upgrades, including reactive moving targets
  • Possible adjustments to the grenades (grenade types can be changed by scrolling, players can only use grenades via hotkeys)
  • Fatigue as a gameplay mechanic
  • VOIP
  • Daily quests
  • new weapon SCAR

According to the developers, possible new content for future updates this year includes:

  • New events at the dealers with new items and weapons
  • Malfunctions of weapons (inferior weapons can also explode, weapon mods can break)
  • New fence quests

New feature VOIP: Bans are possible

What else was there? The Game Director of Escape from Tarkov made it clear with regard to the VOIP feature that players have a separate report option. Therefore, players can report other players for their behavior in the VOIP. The latter then collect a ban, either only for VOIP or – depending on the severity of the misconduct – for Escape from Tarkov as a whole.

In addition, Buyanov spoke about the Escape from Tarkov flea market. The developers are thinking of introducing some kind of animal system so that players can gradually get better equipment from the flea market. However, such a feature has not yet been officially confirmed and will probably not come into play with version 12.12.

Are you looking forward to the 12.12 update, and what kind of content would you wish for? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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