PUBG Update 13.1 is here, but fans are disappointed with Taego

Published: Aug. 13, 2021
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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The developers of PUBG Corporation have released Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Update 13.1 and renamed their game to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. The patch includes various changes to the Taego map and a new ranked season, but the fans react mixed.

What's wrong? For a few days now, PUBG players have been able to play the new update 13.1, which, as one of the so-called giga updates, brings various new features to the gameplay as well as a new rated season. The developers mainly focused on the new Taego map and weapon balancing.

PUBG Update 13.1 with more care packages for Taego

What does Update 13.1 bring in detail? You can read the full patch notes for PUBG Update 13.1 on the game's official website. The main adjustments include the following:

PUBG Update 13.1 increases the number of care packages on Taego, among other things.

  • The developers have increased the number of care packages on Taego with additional air drops.
  • Players can find a secret room on Taego that contains special items such as care packages, healing items, AEDs and telescopic sights.
  • Aircraft taking off from Taego may be forced to make an emergency landing with a certain probability. The aircraft then moves faster than normal, but the height of fall varies greatly.
  • The developers have adjusted the spawn rates of certain items on Taego.
  • The map Sanhok has received a graphical update.
  • The map rotation for normal games now includes the maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Karakin.
  • The rated season 13 has started.
  • There are various balancing changes to the weapons.
  • The developers have introduced some UI improvements and fixed various bugs.

Fans disappointed with map rotation

What do the fans think of Update 13.1? Although the developers emphasize that they implemented the changes to the Taego map based on feedback from the players, the latter are rather cautious about the patch.

The secret room on Taego is new to the game with Update 13.1.

Because in a survey of 455 fans on reddit about PUBG Update 13.1, only 157 players voted positively. 126 players chose the option "I hoped for more / different" and 172 players chose the option "Disappointed".

What bothers the fans the most, besides the still existing bugs, are the matchmaking with too many bots and the changes to Sanhok that some players think are unnecessary. Many reddit users would like to switch from Taego to regular rotation so that matchmaking works better.

Will PUBG soon be Free2Play? The developers seem to have other plans anyway with regard to matchmaking: PUBG is currently free to play on Steam. Because the developers have now also introduced loot boxes and microtransactions into the shooter, fans believe that the game is now about to switch to Free2Play. That could attract new players to the battlefield. But what will come of it remains to be seen, because the developers have not yet officially commented on it.

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