Tarkov Group Dumps Over 1,000 Rounds & 5 Assault Rifles Per Raid – Community Celebrates Wastefulness

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A group of friends has joined forces in the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov, turning every map into a lead hell and blowing up around 1,000,000 rubles worth of equipment in the process! What exactly they do in the raid and the crazy video about it we show you now!

What’s going on? On reddit, user “Toast434” shared a video of himself and his friends playing Escape From Tarkov. Here, all squad members used AKMs and tons of ammo. There is no plan, but fun is all the more important, as the video of the group shows.

Tarkov group blows around 1 million rubles per raid for fun – community celebrates it

What does the video show? In the video shared by redditor Toast434, you can see how the group goes about it. At the beginning, they gather in a lobby of five and prepare for a trip to hell. Once in the raid, the group splits up the equipment. Each player has:

  • 1x AK-M (7.62x39mm)
  • 2x AK 7.62×39 Molot magazine (75 rounds)
  • Several hundred rounds
  • a backpack, a cheap vest & medicine

Whenever the Tarkov group spots an enemy, all players fire wildly. There is only one rule: Don’t wait! The motto is “adventure continuous fire” and so the sound of 5 AKMs with a total of 375 rounds per charge probably stuns half the raid lobby.

How much does the fun cost? Are you wondering if it’s worth the fun? After all, at some point the wipe will come anyway and then everyone will start from scratch, right? If you also want to go on the continuous fire chase with all your friends, it will cost you around (via tarkov-market.com):

  • AKM – 20,000 – 35,000 rubles
  • Molot magazine – 30,500 rubles
  • 7.62x39mm – 500 rubles (per bullet)
  • Backpack – 7,000 rubles (MBSS)

So per person you end up with a crisp price of about 132,000 rubles. Here are still missing medicine, armor/vest, and spare ammunition. Remember, a group raid will cost you about 1,100 rounds of the precious bullets — an extra 110,000 rubles per person.

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Here’s what the community has to say about the lavishly fun endeavor

On reddit, the comments are more exuberant than under any other thread in the Tarkov subreddit. Many write that the action looks like an incredible amount of fun and that every cent is worth it. Others want to see more such actions and suggest a raid with PPSHs. The PPSH is a World War II submachine gun that also has a drum magazine. Many users report similar actions and intend to create such posts in the coming weeks as well.



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