Escape From Tarkov: Players Want Inventory Rework That Looks Like Windows 10

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The community of the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov apparently doesn’t just put their wishes into words: A user now created a UI and inventory rework that he was inspired to do thanks to Windows 10 — The reddit community is absolutely behind the crazy idea.

What’s up. In a reddit thread, the user “emphatically” shared his vision of a new UI and inventory system, respectively (via It’s very much based on the current Windows 10 design and there’s a good reason for that, he says it’s easier:

  • To find items
  • sort them
  • To make full use of the space in the stash.

Windows inventory system in Escape From Tarkov: is it clever?

Here’s how it looks: In his thread, nachdruck shows how easily players can clean up and sort their stash with this idea. Just hold the mouse click, drag a rectangle around the desired items and move them all at once. As incredibly simple and clever as this seems, developer Battlestate Games hasn’t implemented it yet.

Further improvements: Other users add that there should also be an option to sort a container, in which only one type of item is stored anyway, by “Ctrl + left click”. User Pyrozr complains that his medicine bag is always messy and all the small items are hard to sort. His suggestion could be used to counter the messy clutter in the following containers:

  • Ammo boxes
  • Medicine bags
  • Moneystash
  • Dog Tag containers
  • Weapon boxes

If you combine the ideas of both users, you get a streamlined, clear, and easy-to-manage inventory system. This system could then be applied not only in the player stash but also during a raid. One key combination later, you have looted the entire corpse of a scav, wouldn’t that be great? No more looting a single body for minutes on end, just stash everything away.

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What does the community think of the idea?

The thread on reddit has around 3,000 up votes so far (as of Jan. 23, 2022). In addition, there are 130 comments and opinions from the community. They think that the original idea of nachdruck is great. Some think that the game comes closer to titles like Rust or Minecraft — not negatively, quite the opposite.

Both survival titles Rust and Minecraft are generally known for their simple and practical UI and inventory system. The Tarkov community seems to strongly miss such an inventory system. Many commentators report that they wish Escape From Tarkov had learned more from Rust.

“Rust just makes you move everything in the inventory with the click of a button (…), that’s a clear and simple customization on the part of the developers and I wonder why it hasn’t been around for a long time.” Finesse-OS via

So it actually seems like the Tarkov community is looking forward to some sort of Windows inventory system. Now it’s just up to the developers to look at this thread and be amazed afterward.

But what do you actually think of the idea of Escape From Tarkov throwing its current inventory and UI system overboard to include one, as described in this article? Share your opinion with us in the comments.


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