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Escape From Tarkov Leak: What’s Behind the Multi-Map Scav Boss?

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Escape From Tarkov will soon have a new scav boss who can spawn on all maps and is even stronger than Killa — or not? Some even want to have seen it now.

What happened? A new leak has established itself on the Escape From Tarkov subreddit. That says that a new Scav Boss is in the works, who is on all maps.

This is what the user wants to know about a new scav boss

This is the boss: The game files should already contain references to a new Scav boss in Tarkov. Unlike all other bosses, this one should not be at home on a single map. Instead, this boss can appear on any map – no matter when, no matter where.

In addition, the nameless boss is said to be very aggressive and, despite the shotgun, fire at you accurately from a long distance. The user compares his behavior with that of the interchange boss Killa. Just like him, the new boss is said to have no bodyguards, just a few regular scavs.

Also, the boss does not have any loot with him. You can only get his weapon and some keys from the backpack.killa-tarkov-boss

What’s really behind the leak?

A real leak is not hiding here. Not a real new boss either. It’s a joke, though. With the post, the user Yeetster tries to vent his frustration on the Scavs in Tarkov.

The new boss “Shotgun Scav” is representative of all normal scavs who hit incredible headshots. However, some users on Reddit consider this to be a real new piece of information, but unfortunately we would like to make it clear: The supposed new scav boss in Escape From Tarkov is just a joke!

What if? What would you think or wish for this if the boss was real? Let us know your ideas for a new Escape From Tarkov Boss in the comments. Optionally, you can also discuss with our community on Twitter.


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