Tarkov Event is Over & Traders Are Back – Fans say: “The Most Useless Event in My Life”.

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On May 03, 2022, the most controversial event in Escape From Tarkov ended. A few days ago we had to say goodbye to the traders, who are now back. Together with traders, the criticism and anger of the community also come back. What went wrong, we now find out.

What happened? A week ago, chief developer Nikita Buyanov started the most controversial event in the history of Tarkov. Here he claimed that if his tweet got more than 30,000 likes, he would remove the traders. The Likes achieved, the traders removed, the fans furious. In a follow-up tweet, Buyanov said that the Tarkov event was planned from the start and would have launched even without Twitter likes.

Now the event is over, and the merchants have all returned. Lore-wise, the new and upcoming in-raid trader Lightkeeper was to blame for the misery. Outside, the developers simply wanted to provide a cool event. Many Tarkov players didn’t like that, which they are now making clear in countless tweets.

Tarkov event upsets many players – But why?

Just a few hours ago, Buyanov announced via Twitter that the event was over. The community has written over 290 tweets about the event, about half of which are negative, some of which are extremely insulting. But what was the problem with the event?

This is what the critics say: one of the most frequently mentioned arguments against the event is the economy of Tarkov. For example, some fans think it’s a shame that they had to give away their hard-earned money. Also, they would have lost good gear that they would have otherwise sold for cash. For example, user @AbelRE25 writes:

“You’ve ruined the game’s economy with a shitty event. You have made many people lose all their money without any sense.”

Others are particularly bothered by the end of the event. In their opinion, there was no point to the event. After all, there was no reward for players who had participated. They only got back their merchants that were already part of Tarkov before. Another user replies that this event was the most useless event ever. Conciliatingly, again, other fans demand that Battlestate’s developers follow up with a reward. User @Mvsdv86 suggests wristbands:

“Now make tiered armbands for whoever donated 1 million, 10 million, 50 million, 100 million. Atleast this way we have something to remember this event and show off our contributions.”

The last major criticism of the Tarkov event and the disappearing merchants was: Players could not continue their missions. To allow missions to continue, a simple menu would have been enough to allow missions to continue without contacting the merchant. This is where Battlestate Games missed an opportunity.

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Who liked the Tarkov event & why

There are players who liked the event very much. First and foremost, they praise the idea that the merchants were unavailable. So new ways had to be found to trade the hard-won loot. Many met with other players and carried out bartering, both with friends and strangers.

Supporters of the event agree, especially in their assessment of the supposed haters. For example, many wish event detractors would try a next similar event first before judging it. If everyone had done that, everyone could have seen how easy it was to make money, says one user. Another puts it this way:

“Thank you for this event. […] It was great to lose everything and at the same time get the tools to get it all back. You guys didn’t make it difficult to get money.”

What do you think about the event? Tell us about your experience in the current Escape From Tarkov event. And if you didn’t participate at all, tell us why in the comments or on our discord!


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