Escape from Tarkov: Lightkeeper event has no effect after all

Published: May. 12, 2022
Updated: May. 12, 2022

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The latest event from Escape from Tarkov, which focused on the kidnapping of the merchants, has ended - and will probably have no further impact on the gameplay, contrary to what was originally planned. We explain in detail what went wrong.

What's happening? Battlestate Games has taken the retailer event cash website offline. This indicates that the final part of the in-game event will no longer take place. YouTuber NoiceGuy Tarkov explains the background in a recent video:


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Tarkov Event: No quarrels between traders?

What was supposed to happen? Tarkov's past event put merchants in the spotlight: players had to collect 1.5 trillion rubles and pay it to the Lightkeeper (a new in-raid merchant) to effectively buy the other merchants free. They had to go into hiding and were not available to players during the event.

After the community raised the money they needed, the traders returned. Actually, there should be further events in connection with the event afterwards. But that probably won't happen anymore.

WARNING, SPOILERS: According to NoiceGuy Tarkov, two of the traders were supposed to get into a fight, with one trying to rob the other. A trader should also apparently die. However, the fact that BSG has now taken the cash website offline indicates that the developers have changed their plans in this regard.

It remains unclear why the event will no longer have a direct impact on the further gameplay of Escape from Tarkov. It is possible that the team is simply reacting indirectly to the frustration of the fans, who were largely not really impressed by the event. Or maybe they were just unhappy with the story arc.

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Wipe and Lighthouse Patch: What Happens Next?

Regardless of the fact that the finale of the event has apparently been dropped from the game, the question still remains whether the Lightkeeper is the leader of the cultists. Maybe that's why BSG let the event take place in this form (and, according to some fans, ruined the economy) because the developers are planning a wipe soon anyway.

Accordingly, the next major patch could finally bring the long-awaited Lighthouse update and continue the story of the Lightkeeper. As soon as we know more about the event, a wipe or the upcoming update, you will find out all the information about it here with us.

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