Hunt Showdown: New Boss is a Cheater! Event introduces him

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Another teaser about the new Hunt Showdown Boss and an upcoming event “As The Crow Flies” has been released. You can find out what that means now!

New teaser: Patient fans have been waiting for the new boss in Hunt Showdown for several months. Now there is a new teaser for this and the announcement of a new event with the sleek name “As The Crow Flies”.

New crow boss arrives with “As The Crow Flies” event

New teaser: The official Hunt Showdown YouTube channel recently shared a first teaser for the upcoming event. As already mentioned, this goes by the name As The Crow Flies and introduces the new and fourth boss.

This boss was announced for the first time a few months ago. Even then, it quickly became clear that scaring the crows in the game world has consequences. Now they have gathered to strike back. Joking aside, it is not entirely untrue. The new boss is a mage in a crow costume.

But it is only in the latest trailer for the new Hunt Boss that it becomes clear that he is obviously a fake fox and cheat. With the help of teleportation, he outsmarts you and your fellow players in order to kill you as quickly as possible.

More News About Hunt Showdown

The event: Apart from a few new pictures for the fourth boss in Hunt Showdown, there is also an event. This is intended to introduce the Crow Man into the game and starts on March 24th and continues until April 12th.

What awaits you and other hunters is not yet clear. Unfortunately, the teaser itself doesn’t reveal too much. However, we expect that there will be more information about the upcoming As The Crow Flies event in the next few days.hunt-showdown-neuer-boss-crow

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