Hunt Showdown Reveals Boss “Scrapbeak” – Skills & Origin

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The Hunt Showdown YouTube channel posted the video for the new crow boss “Scrapbeak” last night. In the trailer, you not only see his unique skill set, but also his tragic story of origin.

Finally, there he is: In a separate trailer, developer Crytek shows the new Hunt Showdown boss Scrapbeak. This gigantic walking crow is not only presented with skills and weapons in the latest video. You will also learn how the Confederate civil war soldier became this crow.

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The Hunt Showdown Boss “Scrapbeak” can do that

Players did it: Players around the world had to work together to unlock the new boss in Hunt Showdown. Originally they were supposed to collect 100 million points, which was later reduced to 35 million. The community only needed about a week for this – impressive!

Origin story: While we don’t know much about the other bosses from Hunt Showdown, Crytek shows us the story behind the new monster in a short video. The former Northern State soldier fought in the Civil War and was badly wounded.

His legs had to be amputated and replaced with steel prostheses. However, that day in the Battle of Fort Carmick, the soldier not only lost his legs but his mind and name as well. Living among the crows, he is now only known as Scrapbeak these days.

Unique Skills: The new Hunt Showdown Boss Scrapbeak comes with new and creative skills, both passive and active. This of course is to set him apart from the rest of the boss gang, something Hunt players have wanted for a long time. But the round with this boss will also be different.

In an area of 100 meters around the Boss-Lair, not a single supply box, medipack or trait spawns. Scrapbeak not only drops the bounty, but also the loot.


Hunt boss Scrapbeak’s abilities

  • Backpack – Scrapbeak has a backpack that protects its back. When hit, the damage is reduced by 50%. This does not apply to piercing attacks. If he suffers enough damage, he loses items and the backpack becomes smaller. But be careful: every time the backpack gets smaller, Scrapbeak gets faster in return!
  • Item Drops – When Scrapbeak gets enraged, he will drop items. While he is alive, he loses 3 random items and his weapon. To get this, you shouldn’t use fire or explosions, these destroy the three drops and thus the up to 12 items that Scrapbeak drops.
  • Enrage – Every time you steal 25% life from the boss, he will go into rage again. Unlike the other three bosses, this rage is passive. If you attack Scrapbeak during this rage, he will drop a concertina barbed wire bomb.
  • Concertina Throw – If I can’t reach the boss, he throws a concertina in your direction. These are adorned with raven feathers.

Subject to change: a lot can change in the coming weeks. From experience, it can be said that the new Hunt Showdown boss Scrapbeak will still be subjected to some balancing changes. If it turns out that he has reached his final form, we will publish a guide here on Guided with simple tactics for killing and countering the skills.

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