Hunt Showdown Update 1.7.2 – All information from the devstream

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The developers of Hunt Showdown, Crytek, announced new details about update 1.7.2 in a devstream on Twitch on Wednesday evening. We have summarized all the information from the stream for you in a compact form.

When was the stream? The devstream ran on Wednesday evening, January 26th, 2022 at 20:00 CET on the Crytek Twitch channel. It was the first stream of the new year and gives more details about the big update 1.7.2.

In the stream, Social Media Manager Bence Hamos first spoke to Senior Monetization/Live Designer Kseniia Karpushina about Hunt Showdown 1.7.2, followed by Principal System Designer Chriss Bliss and Junior Tech Designer Paul Montgomery.

When will the update appear? Update 1.7.2 will be released on January 27th, 2022!

What awaits you in Hunt Showdown 1.7.2?

New features

First Bounty Extraction Bonus: Every day, you receive a bonus with each of your Hunters on the first Bounty that you successfully bring back from a hunt with them. The bonuses are +15% Hunter XP and +20% Hunt Dollar. The timer resets every 24 hours. Additionally, you get 25 BB when you hit bonuses for 5 consecutive days.

You can see the status of your Hunters, whether they have already received the daily bonus, and how far you are with your 5-day sequence on new Acolade Cards.

hunt showdown acoladesDark Tribute: Mr. Orwell Chary, known from the Christmas event, is back and gives you Bloodline EXP after every “mission”. After each 2,500, 5,000, 7,000 and 10,000 EXP you can sacrifice your blood to Mr. Orwell.

mr orwell offer

In return, random rewards await you. But you can also make a deal from 7,000 EXP to reach the 10,000 mark immediately. The following rewards are known:

  • Exclusive Legendary Hunter
  • Legendary items and skins
  • XP, Upgrade Points, and Hunter Slots
  • Equipment skins
  • hunt dollars
  • Blood Bonds

Your sacrifice will also reset every 24 hours. So you can unlock 4 rewards per day.

The new exclusive Hunter is “Bad Hand”.

Hunt Showdown Hunter

Updates regarding issues

Performance: Performance is an ongoing battle and the developers would like to thank everyone who helped from the community to report the issues. They continue to work on it, but cannot promise that the work will ever be completed.

What should be fixed in update 1.7.2?

  • General performance issues
  • geometry rendering problems
  • Problems loading textures – Mainly on consoles
  • More Fixes – Have to wait for the patch notes

New weapon variants

  • New Scottfield: “Scottfield Spitfire” – A higher rate of fire, increased recoil, and dispersion. Costs 108 hunt dollars.
  • New Scottfield: “Scottfield Precision” – Greater accuracy, range, and rate of fire. Medium slot due to a shoulder rest. Costs 85 hunt dollars.
  • New Scottfield: “Scottfield Swift” – Has a speed loader, loads 6 bullets at a time, unused bullets are discarded when reloading (Perk Bullet Cultivator doesn’t work here). Costs 95 hunt dollars.
  • New Berthier: “Berthier Deadeye” – Has a Deadeye sight, works with the Deadeye Scopesmith and Steady Aim perks. Costs 388 hunt dollars.
  • The Winfield gets a new type of ammo that has a longer range, more penetration, lower speed, and costs 35 Hunt Dollars.

Legendary content

Crytek has also presented additional skins that will appear in the shop with patch 1.7.2.

Azure Armory DLC

A new DLC will be released on February 1st for PC players and February 8th for consoles for Chinese New Year celebrations.

More adjustments with Hunt Showdown 1.7.2

  • Friendly Fire: Explosives of all types no longer deal less damage to friendly players. So pay attention!
  • Dual wielding pairs: Dual wielding, i.e. wielding 2 small arms, is stronger in various situations than originally planned by the developers. To counteract this, recoil is greatly increased.
  • Dual Wielding and Fanning/Levering: No longer gains accuracy bonus when crouched.
  • Bow: Increased damage at low voltage, more damage against Grunts and Hellhounds up to one-hit kills.
  • Dragon Breath: More damage, increased one-hit kill range (5-6m for long and medium barrels, 3-4m for short barrels).
  • Crossbow with Explosive Ammo: Enemies hit by an explosion have difficulty aiming for a short time. Ammo reduced from 1/6 to 1/4. Spread increased on hip fire.
  • Pitfall Traps:
    • Poison Trap: Poison clouds now last 30 seconds and inflict severe poisoning.
    • Alarm Trap: Now deals incendiary damage, cannot be triggered in water.
  • Decoys: Now play footstep sounds, simulating a hunter. Equip and use are now quieter.
  • Horses: Horse sounds are now fixed and better heard from afar. They also make longer noises when triggered. Can be instantly killed with the throwing axe. Projectiles can now be better picked up by horses.
  • Doors and Windows: Windows and doors now render correctly in the distance, not just when a player was/is nearby.

You’ll find out more changes to expect with Hunt Showdown 1.7.2 in the patch notes once Crytek releases them on January 27th, 2022. What are you looking forward to most? Tell us in the comments!


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