Hunt Showdown: Is Dual Wielding OP? One of the best players says "yes" and celebrates

Published: Jan. 26, 2022
Updated: Jan. 26, 2022

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In the horror shooter Hunt Showdown you can carry two pistols or revolvers instead of one long gun. The community has long argued about whether this is too powerful or useless. Now, one of the best players with over 6,000 hours of gameplay speaks out about it.

This is what the community is arguing about: Ever since Dual Wielding was introduced with update 1.4.1, the Hunt Showdown community has been divided. Some think that shooting with two revolvers is far too inaccurate. Others celebrate the fast firing sequence and claim the accuracy is better than its reputation. But which is true? YouTuber RachtaZ has a special opinion about dual aiming in Hunt Showdown:

"It's at least more OP than it is too weak."

This is how good Dual Wielding really is in Hunt Showdown

That's why Dual Wielding is so strong today: As mentioned at the beginning, developer Crytek first added Dual Wielding to Hunt Showdown with update 1.4.1. Update 1.4.4 then made the tactic a bit stronger. This update slowed down the switching of weapons. Enemies who have to switch to another weapon after a few shots are at a clear disadvantage against two rapid-firing pistols -- especially at close range.

Patch 1.5 then brought custom ammo, i.e. different ammo types. With the help of FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) it was now even easier for players with Dual Wielding to give enemies a good whack on the cowboy hat.

The last update that improved Dual Wielding was Patch 1.6, in which users of automatic weapons (Dagger or Avtomat) experienced a problem: the sway of weapons was increased significantly, which made it difficult to fire the weapons quickly due to the higher sway and recoil.


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What are the best weapons to use? According to YouTuber RachtaZ, the current best weapons for dual aiming are the Caldwell Conversion. In a screenshot he shows how small the crosshairs are and how accurate the weapons are despite the ambidextrous condition. However, you should combine the revolvers with FMJ ammo to get a higher headshot distance and penetration through walls.

After winning the first round, you should also buy the Ambidextrous trait. It improves the reload speed for all revolvers and semi-auto pistols in Dual Wield.

More about Hunt Showdown

Even the pro requires adjustments to Dual Wield: This is to change

There are various ways to tone down Dual Wielding. Besides increasing prices, the actual gunplay could also be changed:

  • Reduce rate of fire
  • increase spread of bullets
  • increased sway when spamming the weapons
  • combination of everything

What do you think? Do you think Dualn Wielding is too strong in Hunt Showdown and if so, what would you want to change? Or do you think it's just right the way it's currently built into the game? Whatever you think, share your opinion with us in the comments!

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