Hunt Showdown Update 1.8.1: Now on Live Servers - Patch Notes

Published: May. 16, 2022
Updated: May. 16, 2022

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Crytek, the developers of Hunt Showdown, have presented more information about the 1.8.1 update in their developer livestream. We at have summarized all the important information for you!

When was the stream: The stream ran on Wednesday evening, April 20, 2022 at around 6:00 p.m. CEST on Crytek's official Twitch channel. There the developers presented further details about the upcoming update 1.8.1 of their community.

In the stream, social media manager Bence Hamos spoke to Arian Moshrefi, the US community manager. Later, senior monetization/live designer Kseniia Karpushina joined the stream to discuss Hunt's financial future.

Community Update

The two social media/community managers have started a community update on stream. There they mainly talked about current problems and solutions.

  • Current problems were mainly caused by the Traitors Moon campaign. The developers were not able to correctly test the release of 1.8 due to the ongoing campaign. Crytek will plan more time for future updates and apologizes for the problems caused.
  • Some bugs have already been removed by hotfixes. More bugs will be fixed with the release of 1.8.1.
  • Various server problems are the focus of the developers, which are currently being investigated at high pressure.

Monetization Update

Senior Monetization/Live Designer Kseniia Karpushina contributed to the stream for the Monetization Update.

In order for Hunt Showdown to be financially successful for years to come and to be able to receive further updates, the developers are currently looking for solutions to support Hunt outside of normal sales. A detailed blog post and video are currently in progress to show the details.

So we'll probably only get details later.

What awaits you in Hunt Showdown 1.8.1?

You can already make out the content in a first trailer that was shown during the live stream:


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When will the new update appear? 1.8.1 is expected to hit the test servers over the next week.

New features

New Quest System: The new quest system is intended to replace the current daily/weekly challenges. The new system gives you greater freedom in what you want to do. With further updates, the system will continue to improve based on player feedback.

You have a choice of 9 tasks that you can "summon". Each task grants you a reward and a certain number of stars - depending on the difficulty, 1 to 6 stars. If you collect 30 stars, you will receive 25 Blood Bonds as the main reward. The quests and your collected stars are reset every Monday. You can repeat quests for the stars, but you will only get the quest reward once.


Your current tasks are also displayed on the lobby map for better tracking. Each player has different tasks to choose from, they are randomly assigned to the players from a large pool. 2 tasks can be accepted at the same time. You can accept another task if you unlock the 3rd slot permanently with Blood Bonds.

New AI variations: With the new quest system comes new enemy types:


  • 2 new Grunt variations:
    • Pistol Grunt: Equipped with a broken, rusty pistol. They will melee attack you with their gun and fire a shot. However, it is only the sound of the shot, no bullets are loaded. The weapon breaks after the melee attack. Other players can of course hear the noise.
    • Lantern Grunt: Are equipped with a lantern. It can be either lit or extinguished. They attack in melee with the lamp, but it breaks when hit. If the lantern is lit, a fire surface is created when it breaks. If the lantern is extinguished, an oil puddle is created. If you kill the Lantern Grunt before it attacks you, it will drop the Lantern and you can use it.
  • All defeated Grunts now drop their weapons.
  • You can disarm Grunts by shooting their arms.
  • Dropped flares can ignite objects and oil, like a flare.
  • More monster variations will come later.

Legendary Weapons & Hunters

Of course, new legendary weapons and hunters are coming with version 1.8.1:

  • Weapon: Lebel Aperture - "Wolfsbane" for 800 Blood Bonds.
  • Weapon: Springfield 1866 Compact Deadeye - "Blister" for 800 Blood Bonds.
  • Hunter: "Luna Wolf" for 900 Blood Bonds.
  • Hunter: "Dire Wolf" for 900 Blood Bonds.

Lonely Howl DLC

The next DLC, Lonely Howl, is coming to Steam on April 28th. Console players will have to wait a little longer. More Legendaries await you in the DLC:

  • Waffe: Caldwell Pax - "Ripper".
  • Waffe: Hunting Bow - "Stalkers Snarl".
  • Waffe: Duster - "Rawhide".
  • Hunter: "Lonely Howl".

More updates

  • Upcoming events will be more varied.
  • Legendary Hunters can now be unlocked in all upcoming events.
  • Fixed animations when crouching with various weapons. You should no longer be seen behind cover unless you are sticking out from behind it.
  • Bullets now make a sound when the hulls fall to the ground after being fired. The sounds differ depending on which floor you are standing on. A small detail that adds a lot to the atmosphere of Hunt.
  • The Brawler variations of the Pistols now do as much damage as the Dusters.
  • The Nitro Dumdum ammo has been renamed "Shredder".
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