Modern Warfare 2: All Rewards from Atomgrad Raid Episode 2

Published: Mar. 17, 2023
Updated: Mar. 17, 2023

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The second raid episode "Atomgrad EP. 02" has finally been released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We'll show you what rewards await you in our article.

What is the Raid? The Raid is a three-player mode in which you have to complete different missions with your friends in a team. The tasks that have to be completed become more and more difficult and complex as the story progresses.

Here's the guide: Atomgrad Episode 2 Raid Guide - All Puzzles, Gas Passage & Walkthrough

All Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 rewards from the Atomgrad Episode 2 raid.

Playing through the latest episode holds many different rewards for you. From camouflage, skins, animated emblems and much more. If you complete Atomgrad Episode 2 the first 7 times, you will receive one of the following rewards:

  • Viskos Weapon Skin (Obtained for playing through Episode 2).
  • Captain Price Skins ( Bad Boonie for completing Episode 2 & Raid Bundle: Season 2 for 2000 CP)
  • Flick (loading screen)
  • Golden Discovery (Animated Emblem)
  • Dead Eyes (loading screen)
  • Raid Season 2 (Charm)
  • Coordinates (Animated Emblem)
  • Golden Red Gaze (Calling card)
  • Free double XP weapon token for each raid
  • Secret Beast Maker (Blueprint)

Completing Atomgrad Episode 2 in Veteran Mode will give you another reward for this:

  • Triple Threat Minibak (blueprint)


How do you get the Secret Beast Maker blueprint? You can get the Secret Beast Maker blueprint after getting three keycards (A, B, C) from enemies. After the third jumping puzzle you have to climb up a ladder on the left side. There you will find a new platform with a door that you can only enter once all three keycards have been scanned. If you can open the door, a longer corridor with a room at the end awaits you. In this room you will find the weapon and the blueprint on a table. You will also be rewarded for completing the first episode again:

  • Pure Poison Weapon Skin (Obtained for completing Episode 1).
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