Hunt Showdown: Use This Trick to Break Any Locked Doors

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Some doors in Hunt Showdown are locked to make defending a compound easier. But what hardly anyone knows: locked doors can be opened with a single, well-aimed shot, and we at will show you how.

Why are doors locked? Hunt Showdown has entrances to the various compounds at every nook and corner. However, some entrances are barricaded with locks or boards and can normally only be broken open with rough and, above all, force.

However, Reddit user oOWillumOo came up with a clever way to open those locked doors with just a single shot.

Hunt Showdown’s Doors Are Not Safe: Here’s How to Break Them

A team has hunted the bounty and is waiting to collect it after it has been banished. In return, the opposing team defends the compound literally to death.

Ideally for the defenders, all entrances that can be locked are locked. So you only have to pay attention to a few other accesses. But it is precisely this false security that you are now making use of!

How to Break Open the Doors: It is really easy to break open a locked door with just a single bullet. It also works with any ammunition, from any weapon.

  1. Mark the wooden beam attached to the outside of the door.
  2. Walk around a corner and pay attention to the marker
  3. Then fire through the wall at the marker and boom …
  4. If you hit, the door will be open to you after one hit

Depending on the surface, it can be a little difficult to spot the marking through the wall. Red markings are much more visible, but they disappear much earlier.

In the video from Reddit, you can understand the instructions again better. Try the trick, tell us whether there have been problems or what successes you celebrated with it!

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