Road To Vostok Reminds of Singleplayer Tarkov - New Trailer & Release Date Known

Published: Jul. 04, 2022
Updated: Apr. 20, 2023

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Road To Vostok can become the dream game for all fans of Stalker and Escape From Tarkov who rather dislike the multiplayer aspect of Tarkov, and the first release is coming soon: the hardcore single-player shooter is supposed to be released soon, and there is a new trailer and Steam page for it now.

What is Road to Vostok? Hardcore shooter and survival mechanics and a game world like and map progression like Stalker: this and more is Road to Vostok. Based on real abandoned locations from the developer's environment, you'll have to move from one map to the next, much like in Stalker (and Tarkov in the future). However, Vostok offers you a choice, because after each map there are several branching routes to the destination -- the city of Vostok. This is what the developer calls "border zones".  Each of these border zones is said to offer its own unique gameplay mechanic -- which one is unclear so far.

Now the 1-man team behind Road To Vostok is showing off a new trailer, new mechanics, and opening the Steam page. The new trailer presents a look into the game, but the devblogs on YouTube are better:

Road To Vostok now on Steam & Gives Release Date for Free Demo

On the Steam page of the hardcore shooter, you can find various information about the content of Road to Vostok. Among other things, you can read about the gameplay, how the game world is structured and what makes Vostok so special. In addition, there is already the question "Joa, when will Road to Vostok be released?" in the discussion tab of the Steam page.  The developer succinctly answers the question about the release of Road to Vostok with:

  • Public Demo 1: Q3 2022
  • Public Demo 2: Q3 2023
  • Early Access: TBA
  • Release: TBA

So the first playable version of the single-player shooter is almost upon us and could arrive in July to September. Demo 2 of Road to Vostok will be released a year later. An Early Access release in the same year is probably still out of the question. A rough and well-salted estimate on our part would put the release of Road to Vostok in Early Access at Q1 to Q2, 2024.

Until the developer releases the final version, it is with our estimate already 2028. In its FAQ on the subject of Early Access, the 1-man team describes namely that the EA phase should last at least 2, rather 4 years.

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