Rust 1.62 April 2023 Update: Easter Event, Saddles, and More

Published: Apr. 06, 2023
Updated: Apr. 06, 2023


In April, developers often try to draw players’ attention with beneficial Easter offers and cool updates, bringing pretty much new features to the game. And Rust, with its upcoming 1.62 Update, is not an exception.

In this guide: learn everything about the Rust 1.62 April update. This guide includes every aspect, from the Easter event to valuable game changes that can significantly improve the in-game experience.

What’s New in the Rust 1.62 Update?

The Rust April update, also known as the 1.62 update, is pretty complex. It includes various new features, so it is impossible to talk about it in a nutshell. We divided the guide into a few parts to make it straightforward. Read them and learn all the changes in the Rust April update.

Easter Event

The essential part of the Rust 1.62 update is the Easter event, which will run from April 6 to 27. Like in all the previous years, it should be one of the most exciting and complex events that will feature beneficial rewards.

The necessary part of this year’s Easter Event is Easter Egg Hunt, which will appear every 24 - 38 hours. During the event, you should collect Easter Eggs and get random loot for doing it.

While the specific rewards from the Easter Event are yet to be officially revealed, the Easter Event is likely to be one of the most beneficial events in the game.

Double Saddles

The April update will significantly improve your in-game experience if you like playing Rust with friends. It features the new Double Saddles mechanic, allowing two players to ride the single horse simultaneously.

Double Saddles will be available to craft at level 2 of Workbench. Their crafting time is 30 seconds, and the recipe for the Double Saddle is below:

  • 5 Road Signs
  • 3 Sewing Kits

Alternatively, Double Saddles can be purchased for 90 Scrap, a better option for some players.

The best thing is that there are no changes to speed or stamina if two people ride a horse simultaneously. Still, developers might nerf this in the future.

Map Markers

Another new system useful for every Rust player is markers. The game allows you to mark five different locations across the map. You can customize the tags using controls to store as much information about the location as possible.

If you want to edit a marker, click on it with the left mouse button. You can change the pop-up menu's color, tag, and name. Consider that if you are a team leader, all the markers you set will be visible to the entire team. So, the cooperation between teammates will be much more straightforward with the upcoming update.

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Pings in the Rust April update is another system created to improve the in-game experience for team players. Using a binocular or drone, you can set the specific marker on the map and then name it as you wish.

The best thing about the Ping system is that the game automatically classifies the markers you set. For example, if you ping the loot, it will be marked for other players as loot. If you ping some dangerous object, it will be considered hazardous for other players.

New Models

The minor improvement in the Rust April update is the new models. Just check the list below to learn about the items that will get updated models in the update:

  • HV Rockets
  • Incendiary Rockets
  • Roadsign Gloves
  • Snap Traps
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • PTZ Security Cameras

Minor Changes

New April updates also feature minor changes that will be noticeable while playing the game. While they are not worth much attention, we must mention them in this guide:

  • Placing doors over deployable items will be allowed
  • Fix for an exploit on garage doors
  • Improvements to the computer section UI
  • Vehicle Dismount Hold Time option

That’s it with the new Rust April update. As you can see, developers tried to improve the in-game experience and improve the game. And if you are looking for more content, be sure to check out our list of the best tips & tricks for raiding and defense in Rust.

And if you have questions, you can join our Discord server or visit us on Facebook to discuss the game there.

Artur is our English-speaking writer from Ukraine who covers many topics in the gaming field. From indies to triple-A blockbusters, he is a gamer through and through. He has been supporting our team as a freelancer since the beginning of 2023.
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