Rust: The 10 new Weekly Skins in March 2022

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Every week, the developers add new skins to Rust. We’ll show you the latest weekly skins in the Rust Item Store every week!

What are weekly skins? For a few months now, developer Facepunch has been exchanging the skins in the Item Store on a regular basis: once a week, to be precise. The skins are all chargeable. Compared to Rust’s community market, however, the prices are humane

The most expensive item this week is €11.59, while similar skins are being flogged by the community for hundreds of euros. Anyway, here come the skins!

Rust Skins in the Item Store: From March 10 – 17th.

In calendar week (CW) 10/11, and thus the second in March in 2022, there will be 10 new skins in Rust. Among them are some of the coolest so far. Armor and helmet are our favorites.

Weekly Skins:

  • Arctic Pack (€11.59)
  • Black-Gold AK (€4.49)
  • Cargo-Heli Door (€2.69)
  • Coconut underwear (€4.49)
  • Factory metal door (€4.49)
  • Industrial lights (€3.59)
  • Nomads Hazmat Suit (€8.89)
  • Pattern Boomer (€7.09)
  • Renegade hoodie (€0.89)
  • Renegade pants (€0.89)
  • Car parts box (€2.19)
  • Sofa Pattern (€1.79)

Click here for the Rust Item Shop (via Steam)!



When does the next refresh come for the rust item shop?

Usually, there are new skins in the Rust Item Shop every Thursday. You will find out in advance what they are from us.

However, the number of skins varies greatly. One week there are 12 skins, the next only eight. This is random and depends on the choice of the developer.

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Your favorites: We think the armor and the unicorn door are particularly cool. But which skins are your favorites from this week’s Rust Item Shop? Let us know in the comments.


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