Rust: June Update Brings Change to Sleeping Bags & Upgrade Animation

Published: Jun. 01, 2023
Updated: Jun. 01, 2023

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The latest Rust update in June (2023) has been released and brings a whole series of really important adjustments, building skins and more. We'll tell you what's hidden in the patch notes and which new features you can expect.

The update at a glance: Today, on June 01, 2023, the latest Rust update has been released. Among other things you can expect:

  • Sleeping bags reduced
  • New animations for upgrading building parts
  • New building skins
  • Improved wipe calendar
  • All improvements & fixes

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All new content from the Rust update of June 01, 2023

1. changes to sleeping bags

Each player will only be able to set up 15 sleeping bags in total with the release of the new update. The developers are fully aware that they are wiping out some play styles. Nevertheless, they accept this change in terms of balancing, and we think it's good. Zergs could set up raiding bases with 30 or more sleeping bags, sending an unstoppable army of respawns to a base.

The developers have tried various alternatives to address this problem, such as raising the crafting cost or adjusting the respawn radius. All attempts to find a solution here have failed, so now comes this adjustment.

With the following changes, Facepunch's developers want to put a stop to the sleeping bag overpower:

  • Revives are now visible on the map as long as you are alive.
  • You have the option to abandon unused sleeping bags via map to craft new ones.
  • A new toggle has been added to the right side of the map (under the level controls) to hide bags while you are alive.

In addition, there are several ways to track the number of sleeping bags you have placed. You will see a count on the corresponding icon on the map. Also, you will receive a notification after you have placed a sleeping bag.#

What about exploits? To prevent possible exploits like overwriting bags to other (enemy) players, the team has implemented a new "bag gift" option. This feature allows you to specify who can assign you a sleeping bag, with the following choices:

  • Everyone (default option)
  • Team (team members + friendly players in the contact system)
  • Disabled (no one allowed)

For server owners, you have the option to adjust the maximum number of bags per server with the "max_sleeping_bags" configuration variable. If you want to disable this feature completely for your server, just set it to -1.

2. New Animation for Upgrading Building Parts

There are new animations for upgrading building parts. If you build a foundation, everything seems familiar at first. But if you upgrade to wood, stone or metal, you will notice a new animation that slowly places the building blocks on the existing foundation. There is also a new sound. Both sound and animation are client-side and cannot be seen by players around you. Anyway, here is a video of the new animation:


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3. New Building Skin "Shipping Containers"

Duh, it's a fascinating yet weird trend, building houses with discarded shipping containers. Like Lego, it lets you build your dream house for a very low cost -- if only it weren't fashion nonsense. Despite being absolutely hare-brained, the building trend is now finding its way to Rust. Here, at least, you can be guaranteed that no pollutants have been transported -- or it just doesn't matter. When building a new base you can now select the skin shipping container, if you have purchased it. In addition, you can now select the color of the individual building elements.

4. improved wipe timer

For server owners - I updated the logic for the server wipe timer to properly support time zones. The default configuration matches the force wipes, so it doesn't need to be changed for most people. Make sure the time is set correctly on your servers!

  • Monthly: Every first Thursday of the month at 19:00 (London time)
  • Weekly: Every Thursday at 19:00 (London time)
  • Bi-weekly: First and third Thursday of each month at 19:00 (London time), with 3-week gaps split into 2+1 weeks for months with 5 weeks.

5. bug fixes and adjustments

  • Vending machines now drop debris when destroyed, preventing replacement.
  • Added world model for handmade shotgun ammo.
  • Fixed edge cases when placing pylons.
  • Building block is now fully repaired when the building skin is changed.
  • Harvested player skulls in streamer mode now display streamer names.
  • Wooden signs and banners now have the same resolution as paintings.
  • There is a list of all your map markers
  • Pings are now also displayed on the edge of your radar
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