Hunt Showdown: New Boss "Rotjaw" announced with Trailer

Published: Jun. 01, 2023
Updated: Jun. 01, 2023

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It's official, Hunt Showdown is getting a new boss and his name is Rotjaw, and he introduces himself as an alligator! We'll tell you everything we know about the fifth boss opponent in Hunt!

What happened? A few minutes ago, developer Crytek announced the long-awaited new boss in a trailer. Its shape and appearance have been rumored for a long time, and now we finally know more about its name, fight, and clues.

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New Hunt boss Rotjaw introduced - This is what the first trailer reveals

The new and fifth boss in Hunt Showdown is called Rotjaw. A really fitting name, because Rotjaw is a gigantic alligator. The first trailer already reveals a lot about the matches with him. Among other things, Rotjaw gets his own clues and shows up in special weather conditions. As the trailer's voiceover suggests, matches with Boss Rotjaw are always in a rain setting. As you probably know, the weather conditions in Hunt Showdown are otherwise mostly random and not tied to the boss of the round.


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What do we know about the boss fight? The trailer hides a lot of details about the clue hunt and the actual boss fight. Among other things, the clues seem to point you directly to the next point instead of shrinking the area on the map. You'll also find more details about his whereabouts at the familiar alligator traps that you already have to search for to complete missions.

The clues to the boss Rotjaw will guide you the way to the monster.

Hunt boss Rotjaw's weak points are not directly known. However, the trailer reveals that you'll be able to damage the monster alligator with all sorts of firearms as well as sharp melee. Also, new is that this boss doesn't wait in any Lair, but in the waters of the played map. So you're fighting in an open field -- or open waters. This makes you an easy target for snipers, so watch out!

When will there be more info? As soon as we know more about the new boss Rotjaw in Hunt Showdown, we'll update this article. To make sure you don't miss it, join us on social media (via. Or safe this article in your bookmarks!

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