Rust: September Update "Airborne" brings Helicopters

Published: Sep. 07, 2023
Updated: Sep. 08, 2023

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The September 2023 update for the survival hit Rust has been online since September 7 and, in addition to a few changes, primarily brings a attack helicopter into the game. We have all the information and patch notes for you!

This is what's going on: The survival game Rust, which enjoys great popularity mainly among roleplay and PvP fans, is constantly updated by the developer Facepunch. The new update adds new items, including a helicopter, and improves other content.

Rust September 2023 Update “Airborne” – These are the Highlights

The Rust September 2023 update also offers a few highlights, which we would like to introduce to you below. You can also find the complete patch notes below. The update has been live since September 7th.


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Rust brings Attack Helicopter into Game

With the Airborne update, an improvised attack helicopter has now come into the game, which you can't build yourself, but you can buy it. At the Bandit Camp in the Air Wolf Store, the attack helicopter can be purchased for 2,250 scrap and can then be flown solo or in pairs.

If you fly alone, you can get from A to B quickly and explore the island from a safe height. You also have the option of firing rockets. However, if you have a buddy ready, he can sit in the “gunner” slot and control the weapon systems. However, you must first fill the missile slots with missiles and equip the turret with ammunition. The Gunner then has the ability to use the targeting systems to accurately take out your enemies.

Rocket Launcher with Homing Missiles

So that players on the ground don't have to watch helplessly as a fighter helicopter destroys their base, the missile launcher with homing missiles is now available. You can craft it yourself as soon as you have a level 2 workbench.

To craft the launcher you will need:

  • 20 HQM
  • 3 Metal Pipes
  • 1 Tech Trash
  • 1 CCTV Camera

The homing missiles require:

  • 3 Metal Pipes
  • 200 Gun Poweder
  • 1 Tech Trash

Rust Homing Missiles

Parachutes and Armor Upgrade for the Hot Air Balloon

As the name of the September 2023 update “Airborne” suggests, it's all about aerial combat. The update therefore also adds a parachute that should let you land softly in case of an emergency. You can craft the parachute yourself, equip it in the new inventory slot, and still use a weapon in flight.

Rust parachute

The Airborne update also adds an armor upgrade for the hot air balloons that will give you much better protection. The upgrade not only increases the actual health of the balloon, but also gives you additional cover and protection in the basket. You can't craft it yourself, but you can purchase it in Bandit Camp from the vehicle parts dealer. Also, you can now buy the balloon itself from the dealer for 150 scrap.

Rust hot air ballon armor

Rust Airborne September 2023 Update – All Patch Notes

Below we have all the patch notes of the September 2023 update for you in the original:


  • Added Parachutes
  • Added Attack Helicopter
  • Added Hot Air Balloon armor upgrade
  • Added Homing Missile Launcher
  • Added Global Networked Bases


  • Improved jumping behaviour when attempting to climb onto solid objects in the ocean
  • HAB’s will now eventually decay over time if they get stuck on a solid object and are no longer moving
  • HAB’s will now get a slight physics push occasionally when they are stuck on an object to try and dislodge them
  • A blueprint will now display if it’s learned or if it is a default blueprint when selected in the inventory
  • Sleeping bags will now render underneath team markers on the map while alive
  • Airdrops will now become lootable if they land on a tugboat
  • Improved first person spectating behaviour when a player is piloting a vehicle
  • Boats abandoned for more than two hours (secondsUntilShoreDrift convar) now slowly drift towards the shore
  • Improved the F-15E end of wipe flyby by adding a new 3D skybox model
  • Hot Air Balloon cheaper to repair
  • Hot Air Balloon uses slightly less fuel
  • Smokestack VFX improvements
  • Updated quarry model
  • Updated pumpjack
  • Improved snow when using low shader levels
  • Fluid switch now stacks in the player's inventory
  • Fluid pump now stacks in the player's inventory


  • Fixed being able to break Patrol Helicopter’s attack behaviour by diving into deep water
  • Patrol Helicopter will now fly higher above the water
  • Fixed chinook ground particle effects not rendering on the terrain surface
  • Fixed being able to deploy elevators on a floor foundation from underneath the floor
  • Fixed Twitch Rivals trophy name list not rendering properly
  • Elevator item now lists correct power consumption when inspecting the item
  • Fixed spinner wheel not rotating properly when mounted on a tugboat
  • Fixed campfire visual not rendering properly when placed on a tugboatFixed jackhammer not playing attack animation in 3rd person
  • Fixed Rust PVE mode (convar) not allowing players to shoot NPCs
  • Fixed a null volume which may have caused audio to crash when mounting a boat
  • Fixed Industrial light missing texture on cargo ship
  • Fixed Code lock world model missing back face
  • Fixed Brick 2x2 Roof tips clipping through eachother
  • Fixed RHIB using incorrect LODs
  • Fixed Missile Silo computer station killing the player when mounted
  • Fixed water disappearing when exiting the sewer branch monument
  • Fixed building tier disappearing from radial menu when valid building skin is set
  • Fixed naked player censorship when inside smoke grenade smoke
  • Fixed Server side demos being unable to be played back
  • Fixed furnace skins not getting their correct emission colours

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