Sons of The Forest: Developers Talk About Console Release

Published: Mar. 06, 2023
Updated: Mar. 06, 2023

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Sons of The Forest has already sold more than 2,000,000 copies on PC one week after release, but we haven't heard anything about a console release yet. Now the developers from Endnight Games are talking about it.

What is it about? Sons of The Forest is already one of the most successful Steam releases ever and is definitely the most successful launch of a survival game ever. 2,000,000 copies sold later, console gamers on PlayStation and Xbox are naturally wondering where the console release of Sons of The Forest is, or if the game will even be released on their platform.

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Will Sons of The Forest be released on console? Here's how things stand with the PlayStation & Xbox release

Currently, the developers at Endnight Games have no plans to bring Sons of The Forest to console. A release on the PlayStation and Xbox is thus unfortunately off the table for now. For now, though, it's a good thing!

The current information comes from a developer Q&A on Reddit, which can no longer be found. In this Q&A, fans were allowed to ask any questions they had. Among other things, the developers revealed new information about the upcoming content in Sons of The Forest. More interesting for you, however, is the information about the console release:

We would be really excited to bring the game to Playstation and possibly Xbox after the Early Access period but we do not currently have any firm plans. Right now we want to just make this the best PC game we are able to.

It seems that a console version of the game is not completely out of the question. Instead, the developer wants to focus on improving the current and upcoming versions on the PC for the time being.

More about Sons of The Forest

How did they deal with The Forest? The prequel The Forest was released on the PlayStation 4 in 2018, which means that there are about four years between the Early Access launch on Steam (2014) and the final console version of The Forest (via wikipedia). However, Sons of The Forest is only supposed to stay in Early Access on Steam for a few months. Since a console version of Sons is not yet in the works, experience shows that it could take another 2 years before Sons of The Forest is released on PlayStation.


Console fans of The Forest will have to be patient.

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