Sons of the Forest: How to Find All 10 Outfits (Including Map)

Published: Mar. 17, 2023
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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Fancy outfits are free in Sons of the Forest, but they are scattered all over the island. So that you don't have to search unnecessarily long for the ten outfits, we've made a map with all the locations.

Cosmetic, but pretty: If Kelvin, Virginia and you are tired of being in the same clothes for days on end in Sons of the Forest, you can find additional wardrobe in the open world. In total, there are ten spiffy outfits hidden on the cannibal island, most of them in the west and north.

We'll show you where to find the extra outfits on the map below. Because some of them are buried in the ground or are gathering dust in caves, you should also read our notes on the respective locations. We wish you a lot of fun on your clothes hunt!

We also got the full map of Sons of The Forest uncovered for you! Are you looking for fellow players, or would you like to discuss Sons of the Forest and share your experiences? Then join our Sons of the Forest Facebook group. You can find all our guides in an ordered overview.

Map: Here’s the locations of all outfits in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest: Finding all outfits Map

Notes on the marked locations:

Leather Jacket

Squeeze through the narrow cave entrance and then walk a good distance always following your nose. There are practically no forks here. After a few hundred meters the cave ends; to your right you should see a dead miner. Now look up to the ceiling of the cave and you will see on the far left a package of clothes pinned to the rock. Inside there is the leather jacket.


You should be standing here near an intersection of four paths. Near them is a kind of clay pit with several coffins in it. In one of the coffins, on top of a skeleton, lies another set of clothes with the blazer.

Camouflage Suit

Here you are near a beach. At the edge of the pointed path towards the forest there is a canoe on the right. There you will find the package with the camouflage suit near some boxes.

Tuxedo Suit

To get hold of the Tuxedo suit, you need a shovel. In this guide we will show you where to find the digging tool. At the location marked on the map, you'll discover a roundish piece of dusty ground near a discarded golf cart between two surveyors. Remove the larger, loose stone in its center and dig in the exact spot where the stone was located.

A maintenance hatch will appear. Climb down the ladder and walk down the long corridor on the right. Go through the first door on the right and look for the bathroom there. To the left of the bathtub you will see the Tuxedo suit lying on a dresser.


Enter the cave at the marked spot. Keep to the right in the vault and climb over the rocks all the way down. If you follow the path now, you will soon see a maintenance hatch at the bottom. Get inside and climb down the ladder. Open the electronically locked door on the right with the keycard, then run straight through the greenhouses.

After a left turn get into the water and swim a bit through the plant. After passing the second emergency exit, swim through the first door on the left. Further straight ahead is a control room where you take a keycard from the desk. Swim back to the passage and then turn left towards the electronic door. Open it with the collected keycard. The dress is in the room behind on one of the sofas.


Look for a stream near the map marker. Walk along it with the rock formation on your left, and then enter the rock vault near the frozen corpses. You'll pierce the barricade in front of the entrance with a spear.

To get to the diving suit, you'll also need a rope gun, because some stalactites will block your way, as well as the rebreather. After you have slipped over the stalactites, you have to go diving in the lake behind. If you follow the underground passage in the lake, you will find the diving suit in the adjacent cave.


Very close to the water is an abandoned camp. The hoodie is lying there in one of the tents.

Winter Jacket

Similar to the hoodie, the winter jacket is also found in a tent of an abandoned camp (with a corpse). The tents here are merely a bit more modern.

Golden Mask and Amor

Read our guide on how to find them.


For more style while sleeping, enter the bunker marked on the map. However, its entrance is sealed by an electronic lock, so you will need a keycard again. Then run down the stairs in the bunker. Go to the far end of the floor, run down a concrete ramp and then turn left. If you follow your nose again, you will find a red corridor on the right side. Run along and in the next room take the pajamas from the shelf on the right.

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