DayZ: The 5 Best Traps to Eliminate Players [2023]

Published: Dec. 11, 2023
Updated: Dec. 11, 2023

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In DayZ, you can now craft and set up countless traps to gain an advantage in combat, and I've tried out all the traps and share the 5 best traps in DayZ with you in this article.

The 5 Best Traps in DayZ (1.23) Against Players

Trap 1: The Cooked Grenade

Items you need:

  • A grenade
  • 2 sticks
  • 1x metal wire

How the trap works: You build a tripwire trap out of wire and sticks. Then you set it up behind a door. But here you don't just hang a grenade on it. That would give the tripping player too much time to run away. Instead, you pull the pin of the grenade before attaching it and lay it on the ground for 2 seconds. Now you quickly pick it up again and reattach the pin. Only now do you hang the grenade on the trap.
If a player now trips over the wire, they have only two seconds instead of four to flee from the blast radius -- almost impossible. But be careful that your opponent does not die in the explosion, should he be wearing protective clothing like armor or a military helmet. Expect that he will be unconscious for about 50 seconds.


2. Trap: Stumble into the Death Cell

Items you need:

  • Sticks
  • Metal wire
  • Grenade
  • Lockpick

How the trap works: This trap works best in buildings that have only one entrance. Take, for example, a standard military barrack (the one with the bathroom at the entrance). First, lock the door to the bathroom and the door to the sleeping quarters. Now place a tripwire trap right behind the main entrance and attach a grenade.
Experience shows that players who trip over it will choose to flee forward. But since you have locked this door, they won't get far. By the time they turn around and flee out the main entrance, too much time has passed: Boom, and your opponent is lying unconscious or finished in the hallway. The special thing about this trap is that you don't have to cook a grenade in advance. So the risk of descending into DayZ hell while setting up the trap is minimized.


No one can flee from this room.

3. Trap: The Car Bomb

Items you need:

  • Landmine
  • Usable vehicle

How the trap works: You look for a car that players can get into. The vehicle doesn't even have to look like it would drive. Now you place the landmine under one of the wheels, so it is difficult or ideally impossible to see. If a player now sits in the driver's seat of the car, the landmine is immediately detonated and takes out the player in the vehicle.
The teammates of your victim will also be hit by the explosion of the mine. The radius of the explosion is a good 3 meters. Probably the teammates will be unconscious and not die, so be careful again and rather finish them off.


place the mine under the wheel.

4. Trap: Stumble-Stumble-Bang Trap

Items you need:

  • Sticks
  • Metal wire
  • Grenade
  • Landmine

How the trap works: You place a tripwire trap at a door again, but don't attach a grenade yet! Place a landmine inside the room about a meter away from the tripwire trap. Now carefully move backward out of the room and attach the grenade. You can cook the grenade again, but it's not necessary. If a player now trips over the wire, the tripping animation automatically catapults them into the landmine. If the landmine detonates, your opponent will be unconscious, but a few seconds later, the grenade will also detonate and finish them off.
Alternative without landmine: If you don't have a landmine on hand, you can also use a bear trap. The same principle applies here, but the player is thrown to the ground conscious and can watch their demise.


stumble two times directly into their certain end.

5. Trap: Chain Explosion Trap

Items you need:

  • Sticks
  • Metal wire
  • 2x Grenades
  • Courage

How the trap works: Before you start setting up the trap, you need to damage one of the grenades. It must reach the status "Badly Damaged," and you can do this by shooting at the grenade or heating it in a fire. With the second method, however, you must be very careful, as grenades in DayZ like to explode if you heat them too long.
Now place a tripwire trap with a grenade at the door of a building or a room. At some distance, simply lay the damaged grenade on the ground. If a player now trips and triggers the first grenade, they will again flee forward. This time, however, the double blast radius awaits them. If the first grenade explodes, the second is activated within milliseconds. With this chain reaction, you can theoretically clear out an entire building.


Here can you see the chain explosion in action.

More on the topic

The Best Locations in DayZ to Set Up Your Trap

Not every place or building in DayZ is suitable for setting up the 5 deadly traps. Conversely, there are some positions where setting traps works particularly well:

  • Buildings with grey or particularly bright floors (Piano House, Supermarket, Barrack, urban corner house with blue doors)
  • Houses or sheds whose doors are very narrow, so that the sticks of the trap disappear.
  • Places where players are particularly rushed in search of loot (Military Camps or facilities)
  • Buildings that have only one entrance and thus complicate the escape route.

With the DayZ Update 1.14, 3 new traps were implemented in the game. In total, you can use only 3 of the given 5 traps to lure other players to their death or to rob them.

  • Fish trap from a plastic bottle
  • Fishing net trap
  • Bear trap
  • Landmine
  • Tripwire trap

Now it's your turn: Which trap is your favorite and have you already tried it out? Share your opinion in the poll:

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