DayZ Toxic Zones Guide: How to Master The Toxic Zones and Get Top Loot

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The DayZ update 1.14 has introduced new toxic zones and to survive them and loot the valuable loot from them, you should better know our guide!

What are Toxic Zones? With the current DayZ update 1.14, the survival game has been expanded to include a new danger. Toxic zones dot Chernarus and Livonia. They can be recognized by the poisonous green smoke.

The zones hide some places from greedy – well, at least unprepared eyes: Of course you shouldn’t belong there and that’s why we show you in our DayZ Guide how you can master the toxic zones. You can find every possible Location of the toxic zones here.

You need this equipment for the toxic zone

You can only enter the toxic zone in DayZ with special equipment. Without this protective clothing, you will die in a matter of minutes. Mysteriously, you start to bleed and become infected with an unknown plague. But more on this epidemic in the last point!

All parts of the NBC suit

  • NBC suit hood
  • NBC suit jacket
  • NBC suit pants
  • NBC suit shoes
  • NBC gloves
  • Gas mask
    • Combat gas mask
    • NBC breathing apparatus
    • Eastern Gas mask
  • Filters
Complete NBC Suit in DayZ 1.14 (yellow variant)

Pay attention to the filters! If you can find a gas mask, that’s not enough to be able to breathe. In addition to each mask, you also need filters. This does not apply to the combat gas mask. They last around 60 minutes at a time, even if you are not in a toxic zone. So remember: take the mask off when you don’t need it.

Here you can find NBC equipment for toxic zones

NBC suits and gas masks can be found wherever there is medicine. The best places to go are hospitals, blue doctor’s offices, abandoned medical camps, recognizable by the yellow tents in the open air. You can also find gas masks, filters and the like in military camps.

Since update 1.14 there is a new camp at the Krasnostav airfield (north-east Chernarus) and at the airport in Lovinia (north). Others are scattered across the country.


Sick after visiting the zone – this is how you heal yourself

How to Cure Infections: Getting rid of the “plague” is really easy. All you have to do is inject yourself the remedy PO-X and you will feel better immediately. Problem: The PO-X injectors are damn rare and therefore very valuable.

It is also possible to give you a blood pack. As usual, you should draw off and process the blood packet correctly. Should you become infected in the toxic zone, give yourself around 25% (a quarter) of the blood packet, and you will be cured.

So the best cure is still prevention: Wear your gas mask. Wear your NBC suit. Don’t forget gloves and shoes! And most importantly: take your repair kit with you!

New Injector to heal from the new disease.

How to repair your NBC suit: Nobody would expect the mask to be damaged, but that happened to us more often in our test runs than we would like, and without a tire repair kit we were lost. Yes, you actually fix masks with tire patches.

More about DayZ

Ask your questions! Do you have any unanswered questions about the toxic zones in DayZ and how you can survive them? Ask your question, and we will answer it and expand this article.


  1. Question: What do i do if i already got infected, have blood packs, but didn’t draw before i went in? i logged in after a server reset: saw a red flare, called out to hear if anyone was there, and boom. Gas zone. i am on stage 2 infection right now, i have 1 blood pack left, and no saline bags.. things are looking really grim.
    Can i wait out the infection ? i heard that i can wait up to 15 mins and draw my own blood, and it will be pure, is this true?


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