Warzone 2 DMZ: Find all 7 Weapon Cases & Unlock Reward + Juggernaut Strategy

Published: Apr. 13, 2023
Updated: Apr. 19, 2023

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In Warzone 2's DMZ mode, you need to find seven weapon cases that will unlock seven different cosmetic items, including an operator. In this guide, we'll tell you where and how to find all seven weapon cases in DMZ, give you simple tactics for defeating the bosses & show you what rewards await you.

The guide at a glance: Warzone 2 is out with DMZ and rushes you straight into the hunt for 7 weapon cases to find on Al Mazrah. Once you've extracted a case, hefty rewards await you. What to look out for, what rewards are available and where to find the cases in DMZ -- now.

  • Where to find the weapon cases in DMZ and how to get them.
  • How to best prepare for the battle for the weapon case.
  • The best strategies against AI & Juggernaut at all weapon case locations.
  • All the rewards you get from the weapon cases.

Where are the weapon cases in DMZ & What do you have to pay attention to?

How many cases are there per match? In Warzone 2's DMZ mode, there are a total of seven weapon case to search for. However, there is only one case per round, which the entire lobby will go after. So you and your team will need to be quick and well-prepared if you want to steal the case from the heavily armored Juggernaut.

Where are the weapon cases located? At the beginning of a raid in DMZ, you can see the location of the weapon case on the map (M key). The marker is a big yellow circle with a case in the middle. This case symbol marks the exact location and not just an approximate position. In each round, it is randomly decided where the case is located. However, DMZ has only three possible locations to choose from here:

  • Al Sharim
  • Hydroelectric
  • Observatory
  • Train (since Season 3)

Here you find all locations for the weapons cases in dmz season 3 on al mazrah

But don't jump straight to the next round just yet! Before you grab the first car and drive to the weapons case, you have to prepare yourself first. Otherwise, the juggernaut carrying the weapon cases will quickly spray you with his minigun. Also, you may be preceded by another team that has not taken the time to prepare. They may have already grabbed the cases by then, but don't worry: teams in DMZ that have captured the weapon cases will be clearly marked for all players to see. So you can make great use of your preparation!

The best way to prepare to fight the Juggernaut and get his weapon case

In our article on beginner tips for DMZ, we advised you to play the first rounds without weapons. The reason for this was the stupidity of the bots, because you can often just knock them out and steal their weapon. However, if you go in search of one of the seven weapon chests in DMZ, you will need to carry good weapons with you. The best loadouts for Warzone 2 & DMZ can be found here: Warzone 2: All the Best Loadouts at a Glance

To complete your preparation now, however, you'll need armor, medicine, and explosives -- especially explosives. By flogging items collected in the round, such as watches, tools, or documents at buy stations, you get money. You then use this money to buy the following equipment:

  • At least level 2 armor: Here you can introduce two ballistic protection plates, instead of one. Even better is a level 3 armor, but this one costs a lot of money.
  • Armor box: Here you and your friends can get new armor plates.
  • Ammo box: You will need a lot of bullets to get a weapon's cases. So stock up!
  • Stims: Collect enough stims or buy them at the buying station. You will need to heal yourself often.

Buy enough resources to storm the armory in DMZ.

Best strategy to farm weapon cases in DMZ Mode for all locations

In this section, we'll tell you how to use each of the three locations to your advantage in the fight against the Juggernaut and his henchmen. The locations also vary in difficulty. If we believe the pros, the Observatory is the easiest place to fight the Juggernaut. On the other hand, Hydroelectric's farming of weapon cases in DMZ is pure hell. Youtuber DKDynamite even goes so far as to say that he has quit every round where the weapon cases spawned on in Hydroelectric.

Best Strategy to fight the Juggernaut at Al Sharim

As with all other locations, the same applies here: Let the Juggernaut come to you, don't seek him out! Al Sharim is a small mountain village with various houses with staircases. Make the juggernaut aware of you and use the bottlenecks at the stairs. Mine them with explosives and entrench yourself on the upper floor.

If the juggernaut comes marching into the building, give him hell together with your team! Throw all the grenades, explosives and slowing tacticals you have at him. Now fire from all guns and before he reaches the upper floor, you'll have finished him off. Now quickly collect the weapon box and take it to the nearest Exfil point.


Here you see the Al Sharim Pass on the Warzone 2 Map Al Mazrah.

Best Strategy to fight the Juggernaut at Hydroelectric

Let's trade this location of the weapon cases in DMZ for a moment: try again later.... But seriously, do you want to take the risk of being turned into a sieve by the countless AI soldiers, then please:
Don't fight the Juggernaut at his starting location, that's suicide. Trigger him again and find a nearby rooftop with your team. Around Hydroelectric there are open areas. So you can target the juggernaut from a distance.


This is Hydroelectric in Warzone 2 / DMZ.

Best Strategy to fight the Juggernaut at the Observatory

On Obsvervatorium you approach the Juggernaut differently than in the previous locations. Here, in the middle of his territory, there is an area near the helipad that is packed with containers. You and your teammates can easily take advantage of this little maze. The AI doesn't cope well with multiple pieces of information (i.e. hits, sounds and positions of players).

The observatory is the easiest location to farm weapon cases in Warzone 2's DMZ not only for this reason. In many cases, there is an Exfil point right nearby (less than 200 meters), which you can use to disappear right after successfully fighting the Juggernaut.


this is the Observatory Location on Al Mazrah in DMZ.

New weapon case on the train - How to get it

Since the start of Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2, and with it DMZ, there is a new location for the weapon case. At the start of a round, you can now tell if the case is moving. If it does, quickly put on the cowboy outfit and prepare for a train robbery! On the train you have to crack a safe.

The safe with the weapons case is located on the last car of the train. However, it doesn't offer you any protection from the players, and you can only use a limestone block on the adjacent carriage as a cover. But be careful: Don't get too far away from the safe, otherwise the drilling process will stop.

But it's not only players who will make the desert hot for you here, NPCs will also fly at you at regular intervals. Al Qatala will try to prevent you from cracking the safe with helicopters and foot troops. The best tactic here? Keep moving and get the helicopters out of the sky before they drop their soldiers on the back of the train.

All weapon cases and unlocks in DMZ

What are the rewards for all 7 weapon cases in DMZ?

For each weapon case that you successfully extract from a raid, you will get a reward. These are not just cosmetic items. You get an operator, weapon blueprints and some more. The order always remains the same:

All the rewards of the weapon boxes in DMZ:

  • Barrier Tape RPK Blueprint
  • Weapon sticker "Biohazard
  • Jungle Incognito skin for the helicopter
  • Weapon tag "Gas Gas"
  • Animated call card "Weapon Box
  • Animated Emblem "Weapon Crate"
  • Alternate König Skin "Chemist"

The Chemist skin for König is the outfit of the eponymous chemist. You have to kill the chemist in the radioactive zone to unlock the M13b for Modern Warfare 2.

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