Tarkov Gets New Event: Radio Call Brings Rogues to Woods, Shoreline & Customs

Published: May. 06, 2022
Updated: May. 06, 2022

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A new event in Escape From Tarkov has started: Apparently, the Rogues faction appears and makes PMC life difficult for us. We'll tell you everything we know about the new event and what the consequences are.

What's going on? Tarkov developer Battlestate Games announced a new event via Twitter a few minutes ago. This event was launched with a radio message between the new Rouge bosses. It looks like you'll now get a visit from the renegade USECs on various maps.

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New Tarkov event brings Rogues to 3 maps: These are them

Where are the Rogues? You can hear in the radio message that the three people involved are talking about different locations in Tarkov. This alludes to the different maps they are on:

  • One person is talking about the Sawmill on Woods.
  • Another talks about the Crack House on Customs.
  • Rogues coming from Lighthouse also have to march through Shoreline.

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Is this a pre-wipe event? The new rogue event in Tarkov could actually be a pre-wipe event. If that's true, a wipe should follow in just a few weeks. We reported earlier today about a statistic that is supposed to predict wipes -- according to the creator. That statistic predicted May 09 as wipe day.

If you pay attention to the date of the radio call, you can see May 20 (05/20) as the date. The Rogues also say at the end of the message that they are retreating now. This points to a wipe on Friday, May 20. However, it is currently unclear whether this is true or whether the date is something completely different.

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New Wipe, New Patch - What Fans Expect from the Update

If a wipe turns out to be true in the near future, we will soon also finally get the Lighthouse expansion for the eponymous map Lighthouse. This part of the map was previously inaccessible and is home to the newest trader, Lightkeeper. This trader should then be found exclusively in the raid.

As soon as we know more about the event, a wipe or about the upcoming update, we will provide this article with an update. To make sure you don't miss anything, please join our socials (linked above).

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