Cyberpunk 2077: All Endings, Best Ending, Secret Ending and Bonus Ending

Published: Dec. 28, 2023
Updated: Feb. 07, 2024

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The FPS-RPG Cyberpunk 2077 presents you with different endings you unlock through various decisions during your adventure in Night City. However, only those in the final story quest are important. We tell you what endings there are and what you have to do to get the best ending.

What our guide includes:

  • We'll show you all 6 endings of the main game and how to reach them, including the secret ending.
  • We'll tell you which, in our opinion, is the best ending.
  • We'll answer the question of whether V will survive in the end.
  • We'll also reveal all 4 endings from the Phantom Liberty DLC.

All 6 Endings in Cyberpunk 2077 [Main Game]

Spoiler Warning! Based on the title, you should already have guessed that we will discuss the end of Cyberpunk 2077 here. Nevertheless, we expressly warn against spoilers!

How many endings has Cyberpunk 2077? In Cyberpunk 2077, there are six endings that you can get. Except for one secret ending, all are straightforward to get to and can't miss:

  • Ending 1: “The Devil” with Arasaka
  • Ending 2: A bonus ending with no prerequisites.
  • Ending 3: “The Star” with Panam
  • Ending 4: “Temperance” with Alt Cunningham
  • Ending 5: “The Sun” with Rogue
  • Ending 6: A secret ending that requires you to meet specific requirements.

During the mission Nocturne Op55N1 you will meet Johnny on the balcony, and you have to make various decisions that affect you and Johnny. Depending on what you choose, you'll unlock the different endings.

End 1: “The Devil” with Arasaka

If you only completed the main missions during the story, you can choose Arasaka as the ending. Select the point during the discussion with Johnny: “Think trusting Arasaka's risky but worth it” and take the omega blockers. Then you help Takemura to avenge the death of Saburo Arasaka

After slaughtering the Arasaka HQ, you fly into space. There you have two options at the end of your mission:

  • Sign the contract and move on.
  • Don't sign the contract and return to Earth.

Ending 1A: Once you have decided to sign the contract with Hellman, go to an operations table. As soon as you sit down on the operations table, the game fades out and the credits expire. It is not known whether V survived the procedure.

Ending 1B: If you chose not to sign the contract at the end, you return to Earth. With one last look at the earth, the end credits appear with all the messages from your friends.

In both cases, you get the achievement “The Devil”.

Cyberpunk 2077 ending choose

Ending 2: The Suicide as a Bonus Ending

The second ending is not very spectacular. If you're talking to Johnny up on the balcony and don't choose any option, there's an option to end the game immediately.

If you select “Could also just put all this to rest”, V picks up the pills and then a gun and takes his own life. The game is over, and the credits expire.

The bonus ending does not unlock an achievement/trophy.

Ending 3: “The Star” with Panam

The regular endings, of which one is the best for us – more on that later – only become available after you have completed various side quest lines beforehand.

Ending 3: If you choose the option “Didn't play the finals with the help of Panam” when talking to Johnny, you can choose to live as V in cyberspace at the end. We think this is the best ending, so we'll cover that in more detail later.

Ending 3 unlocks the achievement/trophy “The Star”.

Ending 4: “Temperance” with Alt Cunningham

Ending 4: Again, you choose “Fight the finale with Panam's help”, but in cyberspace, when talking to Alt Cunningham in your consciousness, you choose to leave your body to Johnny. Ultimately, V is dead, and Johnny lives on in your body. In the ending sequence, we see Johnny handing his guitar to a boy and then driving away on a bus.

Ending 4 unlocks the achievement/trophy “Temperance”.

Ending 5: “The Sun” with Rogue

Ending 5: Here you choose Rogue's path with the option “Leave your body to Johnny and fight the finale with Rogue”. To do so, you need to complete Rogue's questline up to Blistering Love beforehand. After that, you go to Rogue as Johnny and convince her to go with you. You storm Arasaka Tower and defeat Adam Smasher, but Rogue dies in the process.

You end up being the owner of the Afterlife Bar and therefore being a legend of Night City. Here V is accepting an assignment from Mr. Blue Eyes. In the next scene, you are in space, flying toward the Arasaka Casino. Here will fade out, and the credits will play. Whether V survives the whole thing is not entirely clear. However, we doubt it.

Ending 5 unlocks the achievement/trophy “The Sun”.

Will V Survive the Sun Ending? While all you see is you flying in space towards Arasaka's casino, the game already fades out. It is not said whether V dies or survives the whole thing. However, V already seems to be at the end of his tether and the entire mission seems more like a suicide mission. We doubt that V will survive.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending “Don't Fear the Reaper” in Cyberpunk 2077

To unlock the Secret Ending in Cyberpunk 2077 you need to have some status with Johnny Silverhand. Your friendship status with Johnny doesn't matter here, but the answers to the mission “Chippin' In” are decisive here.

During the mission, you will hunt Smasher together with Rogue, but you will not find him. At the end of the mission, you can even find Johnny's Porsche and visit his grave in the oil fields.

Arrived at the oil field, Johnny is quite devastated, and you talk to him. In order to now give all the correct answers for the secret ending, you have to consider the following dialogue choice:

  • “[Inscribe Johnny's initials] Let's do something about that.”
  • “The guy who saved my life.”
  • “Nah, fucked that up too.”
  • “What do you want from me?”
  • “OK, But as second chances go, this is your last.”
  • “You were a real dick in the beginning.”
  • “When you said you let down your friends...”
  • “Smasher biz really got to her..”
  • “Yeah, I'll call Rogue.”

If you have fulfilled all the requirements, you don't have to choose an option at the end when you start the last mission with Johnny and chat with him on the roof terrace. Just wait around 5 minutes, and Johnny will talk to you again. Since you don't choose anyone who should go to your death with you, Johnny suggests a suicide squad. Then choose the following dialogue options:

  • “What's your plan?”
  • “[Attack Arasaka Tower.] So go with a bang. Like it.”

You then fight your way through the Arasaka Tower on your own and end up in the Afterlife Bar. The secret ending here is similar to Rogue, except that Rogue is still alive. Here, too, you receive a mission from Mr. Blue Eye and try to raid the Arasaka Casino in space. Again, it fades out before you reach your destination and the credits are played.

The Secret ending does not unlock any achievement/trophy.

Do you Need Johnny at 70% for Secret Ending?

As mentioned at the beginning, the friendship level with Johnny is not relevant for the secret ending. So you don't have to reach 70 % to see the secret ending. Only the answers to the mission “Chippin' In” are important.

arasaka casino secret ending

How to Get the Best Ending in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple endings, where either Johnny survives in V's body or V himself. However, most of the courses do not end well for V after the final. Only one of the ends seems to be an open happy ending.

That is the best ending: We are talking about the end that the success “The Star” brings with it. Less than 15.1 % of the players on Steam have this achievement (as of January 9th, 2022). In this end, you leave Nightcity as V together with the nomads, the Aldecados, and head towards Arizona. As a male V, you continue your relationship with Panam, and as a female V, Judy also accompanies you.

You have to do the Following Things for the Best Ending

Before starting the finale, your best bet is to complete the romance options character quests with Panam and Judy and start relationships.

This is how it continues: After you have spoken to Hanako in the Embers and wake up at Vic the Ripper-Doc, you go to the roof of the building with Misty. There, she leaves you alone, and you start chatting with Johnny Silverhand.


During the conversation, you will make one of three important decisions:

  • Fight the final Quest with Hanako and the help of Arasaka
  • Challenge the final Quest with the help of Panam [choose this]
  • Leave your body to Johnny and fight the final Quest with Rogue

For the best ending, choose to ask Panam and swallow the pill that suppresses Johnny.

Then Panam and the nomads of the Aldecaldos crew will invade the Arasaka Tower together with you, where you will ultimately meet Mikoshi, the prison of the soul with whose help you can free yourself from Johnny.


How to experience the best ending: At the end, when you find yourself in cyberspace and talk to Johnny and Alt, you don't cross the bridge but get into the tub. This is how you wake up as V and experience the best ending.

Why is it the Best Ending in Cyberpunk 2077?

This is how it is: No matter what you decide in the final Quest, V is gone or suffers. All ends are kept open here but suggest the death of the character. Only at this end does Panam mention friends who might be able to help you. Together with your loved ones, you're sitting on the Basilisk while leaving Nightcity and looking happily towards the sun.

Here, too, the ending is kept open, but Panam's statement and the fact that you are not left alone give hope for a happy ending.

What is the True Ending of Cyberpunk 2077?

If you have spent hours on the road with protagonist V and have taken Johnny & Co. into your heart, the question naturally arises as to whether there is a true or happy ending in the cyberpunk RPG. At the current time, however, there probably isn't. It is currently up to each player to decide which ending is the best. Of course, there are endings where V's death is inevitable and others where it is left to speculation.

That's why for us, the ending with Panam is considered the true ending, since in our opinion, the chance for a cure is most significant here. Others, for example, see the suicide ending as a true ending, as it is a self-chosen and somehow peaceful conclusion.

Is there a Good Ending for V - Does V Survive in Cyberpunk 2077?

Most endings in Cyberpunk 2077 offer a rather open ending where it is only hinted at what happens to V at the end. There is no cure for our protagonist's condition, so it is assumed that V dies at each end.

For some fans, the sun ending and also the star ending with Panam has turned out to be the only versions where V has the best chance of survival. But especially with the sun ending, we dare to doubt that.

But also, the devil ending with Arasaka, where V undergoes an operation at the end, belongs for many to the endings that V could probably survive. For here, Arasaka assures us that they will manage to cure V. However, we are talking about a corporation that does not place a high value on the lives of others and is known for its lies.

Is there a Final Mission in Cyberpunk 2077 After Nocturne Op55N1?

After you have completed the mission Nocturne Op55N1 and thus start one of the endings and play through it completely, you will be rewarded with the epilogue/credits. If you then continue the game when you get to the main menu, you will have received the achievements and rewards for the chosen ending, but you will end up back in front of the start of Nocturne Op55N1.

You can then either choose all the other endings by repeating the Nocturne Op55N1 mission or continue exploring the city and completing side missions. There is no final mission in Cyberpunk 2077, and you can continue the game indefinitely.

The 4 Endings in the Phantom Liberty DLC

In September 2023, the first and final DLC for Cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty, was released, introducing new endings to the game, even though the story is set before the main game's ending. Phantom Liberty essentially offers 4 endings that you can reach through specific decisions during the 10th main mission, “Firestarter,” and the subsequent mission, “Killing Moon” or “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos.”

  • Ending 1: “King of Wands” – You help Songbird and take her to the moon, resulting in Reed's death.
  • Ending 2: “King of Swords” – You assist Songbird, but then hand her over to Reed. Both survive.
  • Ending 3: “King of Cups” – You fulfill Songbird's wish and end her life. Songbird does not survive in this ending.
  • Ending 4: “King of Pentacles” – You help Reed capture Songbird. In this ending, both survive.

Endings 2 and 4 also offer an alternative ending in the main game, which we will explore in more detail.

The Firestarter Mission

In this mission, you meet with Alex and infiltrate the meeting between Hansens and the Netrunner twins. Here, you can either help Songbird escape or assist Reed in capturing her.

If you choose to help Songbird, you'll receive the “Killing Moon” mission and can unlock the “King of Wands” or “King of Swords” ending. However, if you decide to aid Reed, you'll get the “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” mission and can unlock the “King of Cups” or “King of Pentacles” endings.

Phantom Liberty Ending 1: King of Wands

If you chose to help Songbird during the Firestarter mission, you'll arrive at the Tycho Terminal Station during the Killing Moon quest with Songbird. Here, she will tell you that the neural matrix can only be used once, so she lied about being able to save both you and herself.

Most dialogue options you can choose until you reach the rocket won't affect the ending. However, when you arrive at the rocket and it comes to a stop, you must choose the first option:

  • Pick Up Songbird | Time to go, So Mi.
Phantom Liberty So Mi
So Mi can't save both of you.

On the way to the rocket, Reed will confront you. Here, you can engage in a discussion with Reed for a while or proceed directly to the conclusion by choosing the last dialogue option and drawing your weapon.

Now, a slow-motion sequence begins, giving you a few seconds to eliminate Reed. If you fail to do so, he kills you, and you'll need to load your last saved game.

Phantom Liberty Reed
Reed blocks your path.

Afterward, you load So Mi into the rocket and watch it launch with Johnny. Then, the credits roll on the screen, and you achieve the “King of Wands” ending. There is no alternative ending for the main game, and no salvation for V in this case.

Phantom Liberty Ending 2: King of Swords

The second ending of Phantom Liberty starts similarly to the first ending. Here, you help Songbird escape, and you encounter Reed again at the rocket, who once more blocks your way.

However, instead of drawing your weapon and eliminating Reed, you holster your weapon and hand Songbird over to Reed. He'll transport her in an FIA AV, and he'll contact you later. In the meantime, you can complete other missions.

Phantom Liberty FIA AV
In the second ending, Songbird is arrested.

Alternative Ending: Once Reed contacts you, he'll inform you that FIA scientists have found a solution to your problem and are preparing for an operation. You then go to the roof of Misty's Esoterica, where all other endings begin.

Here, you talk to Johnny, who is opposed to the operation and wants you to find another solution. However, if you choose to call Reed here, an FIA AV will pick you up, and Johnny will be extracted during the operation. Two years later, you return to Night City, and you can call your friends who have been living their lives without you. The game essentially ends here, and V survives.

It's a rather sad ending as you lose everything that defined you in the game, and you have no one left to return to.

Phantom Liberty Ending 3: King of Cups

During the mission “Somewhat Damaged,” you encounter Songbird at the Cynosure, connected to the Blackwall. You witness scenes from her past, and she reveals that the Blackwall is slowly fading her away.

She asks you to end her life, and to unlock the third ending, “King of Cups,” you must comply with her request. In the dialogue options, choose the first response:

  • Kill So Mi | OK. I'll do it.
Songbird in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty
So Mi desires death from you.

If you fulfill her wish, you disconnect her from all the cables, ending her life. Reed then arrives and bids farewell to her. Together, you take her body back to President Meyers, and you receive only 5,000 credits for your efforts. There is no alternative ending in this case either.

Phantom Liberty Ending 4: King of Pentacles

The fourth ending starts similarly to the third ending. Instead of complying with Songbird's request and ending her life, you attempt to save her. In the dialogue, choose the second option instead of the first:

  • That's not a solution!

Then, select one of the last two options:

  • Spare So Mi | Won't do it.
  • Spare So Mi | So Mi, I need the FIA's help. So I need you alive.
Phantom Liberty 4th Ending
In the fourth ending, you save Songbird.

Alternative Ending: If you save Song Mi, Reed will take her to the FIA. Ultimately, she is saved, but her fate is less favorable. She is now used by the government as a Blackwall slave, and Reed blindly follows his orders.

In the end, President Meyers awards you a medal and guarantees a cure for the Relic. Two years later, you also wake up and return healed to Night City, but in this case, everyone, except Viktor, has turned their backs on you.

Which ending did you finally choose, and how do you like the finale? Write a comment below!

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Some Dude

I romanced Panam in my first time playing. The reason I ‚declined‘ her offer to help in the final battle was I did not want any of my friends to die in the fight. Rather team up with Arasaka since I don’t care if their members die. Too bad that choice somehow backfires since my friends apparently wanted to die helping me. So in the end all I got was 6 good months to live. This game is so depressing. Such a waste of potential.

Young Exo

I have all 3 endings,but V’s life still only has six months to live , gonna try to replay and not let Johnny influence decisions I think the higher the infection ((samurai symbol inventory screen) the less chance v will survive because his body is being changed each time you lean more towards a silverhand decision.

My Name is

There are at least 7 endings, done 4 now and one of them mentioned here. the last i did was with Judy as girlfriend and let Johnny take control in the end and rouge dead. this ending will also let you live, become the boss of afterlife and no more arasaka. last thing you see is you going for a hist in space. the other one i did end up dead, still have one more left to do before i start all over and the last one is to stay with arasaka and let them do the job, not sure what this will end up as but i guessing i have to find out. and up until now i have been friend with johnny each time, so one more to go then no more johnny and i will go my own way to see this side of the story too. What ever you do, dont click „i can go this way“ if you want to play longer 😀


You are wrong. You failed.
The best ending is with Panam AND JUDY!!!!


The game is with so deep a story and tough decisions... Shame one of the endings Judy dump V. But still, the best ending (at least for me) is where they leave the town together. I can't wait to complete it again and still gonna do it with the female character again. If you make a save at the roof with misty you can get all of the endings just have to go there and make other decisions. I've seen them all still the best is with Judy when you leave town. Never thought ill loved this game. Waiting for DLC or the second part of the game.


Mr. Blue eyes IS the only chance of survival for V ... but sadly nobody bothers to read the fucking Wiki for once... it litteraly mentioned in the Wiki that Mr.B could have a cure for V ... Mr.B is obviously higher in influence than arasaka, we are talking about someone who has Earth on the palm of his hands


Eh ... i dont know ... i think you missed something ... in the "Dont fear the reaper" ending , there is this Mr.B guy ... he seems to be higher in power than arasaka will ever be ... Mr B is probably the only guy who could save V , he offers V a chance of survival if he doesnt mess up at the crystal palace, its even mentioned in the Wiki.
there isnt a "Best Ending"... all End in Vs Death except the "dont fear the reaper" ending wich is potentially the only true Open ending, i would say he has a 50% chance of surviving if he succedes with the crystal Palace Job.


I let Johnny and rouge lead in the finale and still got the call in the end to run off with Panam still saved V 🤷‍♂️


I honestly feel like they could have added a few more endings later on, but at the moment haven't.

It would have been cool to atleast have an ending where you managed to actually get Johnny out and his own Body. Then perhaps also get V an artificially created surrogate body to transfer his consciousness to. (Which wouldn't be hard given the period, and world setting).

Sarah Nelson

Isnt the DLC on its way?

Leo O.H

Yep, some free DLC’s have come out, such as the Black Unicorn


The Sun ending also suggests that you might survive. Mr. Blue Eyes suggests that he knows a way to help you. People say all of the endings suggest V will die, but honestly, I disagree. Devil you’re gonna likely become a servant to Arasaka for them to control for all eternity, suicide you’re done, Temperance you’re done, Star you’ve got hope, Secret ending you’ve got hope (is Sun the same as secret ending? idk I’ve only done one so far lol). I think both of them are optimistic and V has a real chance at surviving. It’s a shame, though. I think if they’d fixed up the glitches and everything, reception may have been good enough that we could’ve gotten a DLC to give us closure.

Leo O.H

Well, the Sun and secret as the most similar endings (as the end loot is the same, but I’m told when you let Johnny take control in the Sun, you get to keep the great weapons he brings). Anyway, if you pick the Sun, Rouge dies, because she comes with you and gets killed by Smasher, but if you do the secret ending, you go in alone, so none of your friends die.
To sum it up:
Rouge comes with you and helps you, yet dies
You get to keep the weapons Johnny brings (or so I’m told)
You get the weapons Caretakers Spade, Pride, and Gorilla Arms (legendary)
You go by yourself (well, Johnny accompanies you)
You get a rarer achievement on completion
No main/side characters die (apart from Smasher, thank God)
You get the weapons Caretakers Spade, Pride, and Gorilla Arms (legendary)
Much harder to get, you have to pick the right thing to say to Johnny most of the time, and you can’t mess it up
Its much, much, MUCH harder to complete (the guards are stronger, and no one helps you)
If you die, game over, it cuts to credits

So why, you might ask, would anyone pick the secret ending? Well, one reason is like said before, its much harder to do you you’ll probably feel much more satisfied, and have a cool Steam achievement to show for it.
Overall, I feel it comes down to what you are trying to get out of the endings:
1- Best loot, You’ll probably be looking at the Star or the Sun. The star does offer armour you can only get from that ending, and it DOES give one more item (but remember, if what I was told is true, in the Sun you get to keep the loot Johnny buys/gets
2- Best story, you’ll probably go Secret or Star, because you get to ride out of Night City with your lover (if you start a romance), but Secret is on the list because no one dies
3-. Easiest/hardest. Well obviously, the easiest is Path of Least Resistance/Easy Way Out/Suicide, as you literally just kill yourself, and don’t storm Arasaka Tower. Hardest (by far, I think) is secret

Endings ranked (my opinion), from best to worst:
1. The Star/Secret. The reason I put Secret instead of Sun, is because Rouge is my favourite character, and also, I like that Secret is so hard, you have to be pretty darn good at the game, and mostly requires skill.
2. Temperance. Not much more to say, I don’t think Johnny should get your body at ALL, but, better than the other endings.
3. The Devil/Arasaka Ending. The only reason its below Temperance is because its so anti-climatic and BORING. You would expect something more full on for the end of a long, intense game.
4. Suicide. WHY, just WHY, would anyone even THINK of picking this. This is BY FAR the worst ending, and I wish they didn’t add it. I understand the point is because you don’t want to cause anyone anymore harm, but what about the secret ending. You get NO rewards for picking this and quite a few characters are pissed (very understandably) for your action, especially because Evelyn gave up on her life not too long ago.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope this helps


I love the game, but i wish it could be more happy endings. I mean, my little babe V died alone, she told River „she don’t want to be alone again!“


I like the game just not about when you died no matter what ending you choose you will die no matter what even when you get him out of your head


If you can’t spell „Rogue,“ don’t write articles.

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