Dark and Darker: The Top 5 Tips in our Beginners Guide

Published: Feb. 06, 2023
Updated: Feb. 06, 2023

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The current third playtest of Dark and Darker has again broken its record of simultaneous players. If you still have problems surviving your raids in Dark and Darker, we have summarized the most important Tips in a Beginners Guide.

That's why you need this guide: Dark and Darker is a hardcore Extraction RPG. Up to now, extraction games have mostly been shooters. However, Dark and Darker is a role-playing game with many similarities to well-known dungeon crawlers. One thing that almost all extraction games have in common is that they are challenging. This is also the case with Dark and Darker. The following tips will make your first raids in the dungeon a lot easier.

The Top 5 Tips for Dark and Darker in our Beginners Guide.

Dark and Darker throws you into a dungeon full of enemies and traps that can send you back to the tavern in no time. To succeed in your raids and survive more than just your first encounter with a skeleton, you'll need stamina and a few other things. We have summarized the five most important tips for getting started in Dark and Darker.

1. Get to Know your Opponents

Although it may be essential to know what your class can do. The most important point in Dark and Darker is getting to know your opponents. By that, we don't mean the different PvP opponents and their classes but rather the different AI-controlled monsters in the dungeon. Each has different attack patterns, can withstand different amounts of damage, and have its special attacks.

To avoid losing lives or even biting the dust in every fight with the monsters, you should memorize their strengths and weaknesses as much as possible. For this, you'll have to play a few rounds, but once you figure out how each monster attacks, it will be much easier for you to parry or dodge them.

2. Find the right Class for your Playstyle

As mentioned in tip 1, choosing a class and practicing with it is also extremely important. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses. These will vary depending on the situation you find yourself in. For example, the best class to play in a solo game might be different from the best class to play with a full group of three players.

We advise you to try out all the different classes for a few games and then decide with which class you get along best. Especially when you're on your own, you'll need a balanced mix of attack and defense and the ability to heal yourself. This brings us directly to the third point.

3. Always take enough Healing with you

Especially the rounds until you escape for the first time are often not easy. You can only use the standard equipment of your character, and you can't take other items for healing into the dungeon. Once you have collected some gold, you should always pack various items that will replenish your life after difficult fights.

Depending on the class, you also have some abilities that help you replenish your health. For example, the ranger can restore 3x 25 health with an active ability and always brings a bonfire. The cleric also has several spells to heal himself or party members. Most other classes, however, must rely on purchased bandages, potions, or bonfires.

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4. Don't fight every Fight

You should always weigh whether it's worth starting a fight that you have little chance of winning. If you go through the dungeon alone, 2-3 skeletons can be your downfall. So it would be best to learn to judge whether the fight is worth it. If you follow the previous tips, you should be able to know if you can take on a larger group of enemies.

Of course, the same applies to the fight against other players. Here you must be especially careful and try to find out how many opponents you will be facing. Many players organize themselves into groups of three adventurers, which greatly reduces your chances of survival as a loner. Here you should possibly also act inconspicuously from time to time and avoid a hopeless fight.

Author's tip: If you have too many enemies in a room, you can try to run past them to disappear through a door. If you close the door behind you, you will often have enough time to escape.

5. Keep an eye on the Zone, the Map, and the Killfeed

You should start early to move further into the center of the zone. It is very helpful if you can estimate the enemies in the different rooms by the size and the layout of the room on the map. This way, you can find the most profitable and safest route through the dungeon early. Since the portals spawn later in the game, you won't be pressed for time if you need to escape the dungeon quickly.

The killfeed also gives you some important information. So you can estimate approximately how many players are still in the dungeon. Sometimes it is even possible to estimate the size of the groups. But much more important is the information about the appeared portals. Because in the killfeed, there is also info every time a blue or red portal appears. Knowing how many players are still in the dungeon and a good position in the middle of the zone makes it much easier to escape.

Dark and Darker Anfänger-Guide 5 Tipps Fountain of Speed

At these fountains, you can increase your speed for a short time. This is especially handy when you have to flee from enemies.

If you have any unbeatable tips we should include in this guide, write them in the comments. Either we'll include them here, or we'll write another guide for advanced players. If you found our beginners guide to Dark and Darker helpful, please share it with your friends!

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