Diablo 4: How to Get Coiling Ward

Published: Jun. 06, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Coiling Ward is an important crafting resource in Diablo 4. You need it mainly to upgrade legendary armor pieces. Our Guide will tell you where to find this essential resource in the ARPG and give you tips on when best to use it.

Here's the deal: Just like legendary weapons, you can also improve and upgrade your legendary armor at the blacksmith up to the maximum fourth level. For this process, you require Coiling Ward. In this guide, we will show you how and where you can get the rare material.

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How to Get Coiling Ward in Diablo 4

The procedure for getting Coiling Ward in Diablo 4 is the same as for farming the baleful fragments, needed to upgrade legendary weapons. However, instead of salvaging legendary weapons at the blacksmith, you'll have to salvage other legendary armor pieces for Coiling Ward. And just like with the baleful fragments, with a little luck, you'll get one or more units of Coiling Ward from the blacksmith.


So before you can start upgrading your armor, you'll have to grind hard until you have several legendary armor pieces. Think carefully if you don't want to use the item before you recycle it at the blacksmith because the process is irreversible. You can find a blacksmith in all major cities on the continent.

Tip: Up to level 50, you should only upgrade your equipment to level 3 at the most, and actually only your weapon. You change all other items too often when leveling, and no legendary crafting materials are needed up to level 3.

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