Diablo 4: The Best Barbarian Level Build 1-50

Published: Aug. 02, 2023
Updated: Dec. 21, 2023

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Our editor Alex has played a Barbarian in Diablo 4 for over 60 hours. Here, he reveals with which build the melee fighter reaches level 50 the fastest.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • The talents your Barbarian needs to reach level 50 quickly.
  • Which weapon and abilities cause high damage for the Barbarian.
  • What equipment values and legendaries support the Barbarian while leveling.

With our Level Build, the Barbarian Quickly Rises in Level

Since June 2, Diablo 4 officially welcomes you to the realms of hell. At least, if you've received early access from a Deluxe or Ultimate Edition. True to the series, there are once again hordes of unholy creatures ready to be slaughtered, but the confident hellspawn won't make it too easy for you.

Therefore, you must level up your Barbarian quickly and correctly, especially with an eye on the endgame. However, not every skill build creates good conditions for this, which is why we'll show you how to assemble a very progress-oriented Barbarian. You'll learn, among other things, in which order you should learn which skills – and how to effectively ram Satan's envoys into the ground.

Barbarian Level Build with Death Blow & Hammer of the Ancients

In general, the Barbarian is the best choice for melee fighters in Diablo 4. This is also because the wrathful colossus can equip up to four weapons simultaneously, maximizing the damage of its attacks.

However, to raise the Barbarian's level without significant delays, our level build focuses on two particularly strong "tools": the damage-oriented Death Blow ability and the murderous Hammer of the Ancients. You can find the advantages of these in the pro-con box below.

The Hammer of the Ancients skill must be assigned to a two-handed mace, while Frenzy generally requires two-handed weapons. Once you have the Walking Arsenal ability, assign Death Blow and Leap to your two-handed slashing weapon.


  • Hammer of the Ancients with 1% extra damage per rage point
  • Charged weapon strike is extremely powerful
  • Successful Death Blow is very strong and has no cooldown
  • Optimal for new Barbarians


  • Initially, damage is just moderate

These Talents Your Barbarian Needs From Level 1 to 50

To ensure that your Barbarian can't escape level up messages anymore, you should activate the following skills in the specified order in your skill tree. Thanks to the Renown system, a total of 58 skill points can be distributed up to level 50.

2Enhanced Frenzy
3Hammer of the Ancients
4Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients
5Furious Hammer of the Ancients
6Combat Frenzy
7Rallying Cry
8Enhanced Rallying Cry
9Strategic Rallying Cry
10Hammer of the Ancients Level 2
11Hammer of the Ancients Level 3
13Enhanced Leap
14Power Leap
15Hammer of the Ancients Level 4
16Hammer of the Ancients Level 5
17Death Blow
18Enhanced Death Blow
19Warrior’s Death Blow
21Death Blow Level 2
22Death Blow Level 3
23Death Blow Level 4
24Death Blow Level 5
25Wrath of the Berserker
26Prime Wrath of the Berserker
27Supreme Wrath of the Berserker
28Tempered Fury
29Furious Impulse
30Furious Impulse Level 2
31Furious Impulse Level 3
33Swiftness Level 2
34Walking Arsenal
35Swiftness Level 3
36Pit Fighter
37No Mercy
38Expose Vulnerability
39Expose Vulnerability
40Expose Vulnerability
41Thick Skin
42Thick Skin Level 2
43Thick Skin Level 3
47Defensive Stance
48Defensive Stance
49Defensive Stance
50Pit Fighter Level 2
51Pit Fighter Level 3
52Slaying Strike
53Slaying Strike
54Slaying Strike
55Aggressive Resistance
56Prolific Fury
57Prolific Fury
58Prolific Fury

If you need to respec your skills, you can do so any time with enough resources. So you will be able to also try some different play styles during your progress.

How to Play the Barbarian up to Level 50

It should always be your top priority to build up rage quickly. Use all sources for this (primarily, of course, beat up as many enemies as possible) and let the Hammer of the Ancients speak when the rage level is maximum.

Additionally, use Death Blow, which you will quickly come to love because it not only deals hefty damage but can also be executed again immediately after a successful attack.

Best Combat Tactics for the Barbarian

  • When a skirmish begins, generate rage first by using the skills Leap and Frenzy.
  • To keep your damage per second consistently high, incorporate as many rage sources as possible.
  • Wait until your rage is completely filled, then strike vigorously with the Hammer of the Ancients ability and repeat the process.
  • Deliver the final hit to enemies with Death Blow, as it generates rage and has no cooldown upon successful use.
  • When your rage level is low, use Battle Shout to build up new rage.

Choose This Specialization for the Barbarian Build in Diablo 4

Upon reaching the fifth level, you automatically unlock your Barbarian's specialization, "Weapon Expertise." From this point on, increase the level of expertise bonuses with each strike of the respective weapon. Here, you should apply these bonuses to two-handed swords. The reason: You receive an additional bleeding effect.

Barbarian Level Build: The Right Equipment Values and Legendaries

Even as a muscle-bound perpetual fighter, whose life is constantly threatened, you must think to some extent about your future or the endgame. As in many other role-playing games, in Diablo 4, it is advisable to save the best for last. Whenever you find Legendary items or Aspects, use them only with other very rare items.

Always focus on the highest damage per second when choosing equipment; these are almost inevitably two-handed weapons. Finally, for leveling purposes, prioritize certain affixes that you can equip your Hammer of the Ancients weapon with. The most important affixes are:

  • DPS value on all weapon slots
  • Rank of Hammer of the Ancients and Death Blow
  • Damage with maces, core, and weapon mastery
  • Damage during Fortified, Berserking, and Healthy
  • Critical hit chance and critical damage
  • Attack speed
  • Armor value
  • Damage reduction during Fortified
  • Elemental resistances
  • Duration of Crowd Control
  • Cooldown reduction
  • Movement speed
  • Health points

Legendaries: Unlock the Aspect of Ancestral Force by completing the Sunken Ruins in Scosglen. To apply this aspect to an item, visit the Occultist.

Important for the construction of the Hammer of the Ancient skill are also Edgemaster's Aspect, Aspect of Ancestral Force, Weapon Master's Aspect, and Aspect of the Expectant. Additional aspects follow, such as for damage reduction or increased attack speed.

More Level Builds for Diablo 4

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