Diablo 4: The Best Rouge Level Build 1-50

Published: Aug. 02, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Blizzard's ARPG Diablo 4 opens its gates of hell and you can go into battle with one of 5 classes. In our level build, we tell you the easiest way to progress with the hunter.

What it's about: Diablo 4 is the latest ARPG spin-off from Blizzard and opens its doors on 1 June. To make it easy for you to get to the end game, where Diablo really gets going, we'll tell you how to make good progress with our level build. Here you can find out everything you need to know about leveling the hunter.

Level up the Rouge in Diablo 4 with Twisting Blades

With the Twisting Blades build of the Rouge you can hardly go wrong in Diablo 4. This build is characterized by a high damage, which can damage both single targets and groups well. The only disadvantage of this build is the constant proximity to your opponents.

  • High damage
  • Suitable for solo and group players
  • Good against single and group targets
  • Requires melee range
  • Not quite so easy to play

These are the Talents your Rouge Needs from Level 1 to 50

To create the optimal build, you should learn the following skills in the right order and activate them in your skill tree. Up to level 50 and thanks to the Renown System, you can distribute a total of 58 points.

Order Skill
1 Puncture
2 Enhanced Puncture
3 Twisting Blades
4 Fundamental Puncture
5 Enhanced Twisting Blades
6 Improved Twisting Blades
7 Dash
8 Shadow Step
9 Twisting Blades Level 2
10 Twisting Blades Level 3
11 Twisting Blades Level 4
12 Concealment
13 Enhanced Stealth
14 Countering Stealth
15 Twisting Blades Level 5
16 Enhanced Shadow Step
17 Shadow Imbuement
18 Enhanced Shadow Imbuement
19 Mixed Shadow Imbuement
20 Shadow Crash
21 Consuming Shadows
22 Consuming Shadows Level 2
23 Consuming Shadows Level 3
24 Methodical Shadow Step
25 Adrenaline Rush
26 Haste
27 Haste Level 2
28 Haste Level 3
29 Concussive
30 Trick Attacks
31 Trick Attacks Level 2
32 Trick Attacks Level 3
33 Concussive Level 2
34 Close Quarters Combat
35 Concussive Level 3
36 Stutter Step
37 Stutter Step Level 2
38 Stutter Step Level 3
39 Exploit
40 Exploit Level 2
41 Exploit Level 3
42 Malice
43 Malice Level 2
44 Malice Level 3
45 Agile
46 Agile Level 2
47 Agile Level 3
48 Sturdy
49 Sturdy Level 2
50 Sturdy Level 3
51 Siphoning Strikes
52 Siphoning Strikes Level 2
53 Siphoning Strikes Level 3
54 Precision Imbuement
55 Precision Imbuement Level 2
56 Precision Imbuement Level 3
57 Impetus
58 Impetus Level 2

This is how you play the hunter up to level 50: The Twisting Blades are part of your main attack and become especially strong with various buffs. Shadow Imbuement converts the damage into Shadow damage and Concealment makes the first hit a guaranteed crit, so once you've impaled the first enemy, use Dash and Shadow Step to position yourself so that the Twisting Blades fly through as many enemies as possible when they come back.

Thanks to Methodical Shadow Step, you stun enemies with your Shadow Step for 2 seconds and your Twisting Blades daze enemies. Once your enemies are stunned, critical hits activate Trick Attacks, knocking enemies to the ground. This ensures your fighter's survival by keeping your opponents constantly busy.

With Fundamental Puncture you don't just do extra damage, you mainly use this attack to make enemies - especially elites and bosses - vulnerable. Especially in group play, this is a good damage buff.

AoE Damage Rotation:

  1. Open the fight with Shadow Step to get closer to your target. Your focus here should be on the strongest opponents.
  2. Immediately activate both Concealment and Shadow Imbuement to boost your next attack.
  3. Use Twisting Blades once or twice on the target, depending on how strong it is.
  4. Use Dash or Evade to move through more enemies so that the returning blades pierce them.
  5. Use Puncture to finish off injured enemies, generate energy and collect combo points for your Twisting Blades.
  6. Use more Twisting Blades on any remaining enemies with high health.
  7. Repeat the rotation.

Single Target Damage Rotation:

  1. Open the fight with Shadow Step to get closer to your target.
  2. Cast Puncture three times quickly to gain combo points.
  3. Activate Concealment to guarantee the next critical hit.
  4. Activate Shadow Imbuement for more damage.
  5. Cast Twisted Blades once on the target.
  6. Repeat the rotation.

This is the Specialisation you Choose as a Rouge

Each class has its own special feature. For the hunter it is the combo points, which you get from level 15 with the quest "True Potential".

Once you have the combo points, you can build up combo points with the Punctual ability, which makes your Twisting Blades stronger.

Diablo 4 Rouge Combo Points

© wowhead

Your second special ability is called Inner Sight, which you should always select when fighting tough bosses. When your Inner Sight fills up, you have unlimited energy for 4 seconds, which allows you to spam your Twisting Blades for a short time.

Inner Sight Diablo 4 Rouge

© wowhead

Hunter Level Build: The Right Equipment Values and Legendaries

So that you are not completely lost when it comes to your equipment, we tell you which stats you should prioritize and which legendary aspects are suitable for this build.

  • Weapon: Choose a sword rather than a dagger due to the higher damage per hit. On your ranged weapons the DPS is secondary, pay attention to the status values. Crossbow > Bow.
  • Armor: For your armor, but also for your weapons, pay attention to the following values in this order:
    1. DPS value for one-handed weapons
    2. + rank of Twisted Blades
    3. + damage
      + Damage to near, dazed, stunned, healthy and crowd controlled enemies
      + Damage with two-handed weapons, core and cutthroat skills.
      + Damage while healthy
      + Vulnerable damage
      + Critical hit chance and damage
      + Attack speed and attack speed of the basic skill
      + Dexterity
    4. + Damage reduction
      + Any elemental resistances
      + Dodge chance
    5. + Crowd Control duration
      + Cooldown reduction
      + Movement speed
      + Life and healing received
  • Gems: For gems, you need to collect and socket 3 types:
    • Weapon: Emerald for critical hit chance of wounded enemies.
    • Armor: Ruby for more life.
    • Jewellery: Diamond for higher resistance.

Legendary: There are some Legendary effects that are good for this build. So if you find something suitable, feel free to try it out. One aspect you should definitely get is the Bladedancer's Aspect. You can find it in Jalal's Vigil Dungeon in Scosglen. The Bladedancer's Aspect makes your Twisted Blades circle around you for a short time after they return and cause damage to nearby enemies. If you put the Aspect on your bow or crossbow, you get a 100% bonus to this effect.

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