Diablo 4: The Best Sorceress Level Build 1-50

Published: Aug. 02, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Blizzard's ARPG Diablo 4 opens its gates of hell and you can go into battle with one of 5 classes. In our level build, we tell you the easiest way to progress with the Sorceress.

What it's about: Diablo 4 is the latest ARPG spin-off from Blizzard and opens its doors on 1 June. To make it easy for you to get to the end game, where Diablo gets going, we'll tell you how to make good progress with our level build. Here you can find out everything useful about the Sorceress that you need to level up.

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Level Build of the Sorceress in Diablo 4 with Chain Lightning

The Sorceress in Diablo 4 offers a variety of skills that you can skillfully combine to cast effective, destructive spells on your enemies. In this level build, we focus on Chain Lightning, which turns your wizard into a ranged fighter.

  • High damage
  • Keeps opponents at a distance
  • Suitable for solo and group players
  • Glass cannon
  • Little crowd control

These are the Talents your Sorceress Needs from Level 1 to 15.

To create the optimal build, you should learn the following skills in the right order and activate them in your skill tree. Up to level 50 and thanks to the Renown System, you can distribute a total of 58 points.

Order Skill
1 Frost Bolt
2 Enhanced Frost Bolt
3 Chain Lightning
4 Glinting Frost Bolt
5 Enhanced Chain Lightning
6 Greater Chain Lightning
7 Teleport
8 Frost Nova
9 Enhanced Frost Nova
10 Mystical Frost Nova
11 Chain Lightning Level 2
12 Chain Lightning Level 3
13 Chain Lightning Level 4
14 Chain Lightning Level 5
15 Fireball for Enhancement Slot
16 Ice Armor
17 Enhanced Ice Armor
18 Devastation
19 Elemental Dominance
20 Elemental Dominance Level 2
21 Elemental Dominance Level 3
22 Glass Cannon
23 Glass Cannon Level 2
24 Glass Cannon Level 3
25 Enhanced Teleport
26 Shimmering Teleport
27 Coursing Currents
28 Coursing Currents Level 2
29 Coursing Currents Level 3
30 Static Discharge
31 Shocking Impact
32 Shocking Impact Level 2
33 Shocking Impact Level 3
34 Vyr’s Mastery
35 Lightning Spear
36 Enhanced Lightning Spear
37 Invoked Lightning Spear
38 Lightning Spear Level 2
39 Lightning Spear Level 3
40 Lightning Spear Level 4
41 Lightning Spear Level 5
42 Convulsions
43 Convulsions Level 2
44 Convulsions Level 3
45 Conduction
46 Conduction Level 2
47 Conduction Level 3
48 Electrocution
49 Electrocution Level 2
50 Electrocution Level 3
51 Precision Magic
52 Precision Magic Level 2
53 Precision Magic Level 3
54 Invigorating Conduit
55 Invigorating Conduit Level 2
56 Invigorating Conduit Level 3
57 Static Discharge Level 2
58 Static Discharge Level 3

This is how you play the Sorceress up to level 50: Basically, you use your chain lightning as often as possible. This is your highest damage output in groups as well as for single targets. Frost Bolt and Frost Nova are used to generating mana and to keep your opponents at least somewhat at a distance or to weaken them. Teleport is used when you need to get away quickly and Lightning Spear is always kept on cooldown.

This is how you attack:

  1. Use Frost Nova on your enemies to make them vulnerable thanks to Mystical Frost Nova.
  2. Cast Lightning Spear, Ice Armor and Teleport while standing close to enemies to stun them with Arc Lash Enhancement.
  3. Then use your Chain Lightning as long as you have over 50 mana to use the effect of Elemental Dominance for optimal DPS.

If you want to recharge your mana, do the following:

  1. Teleport into an enemy group.
  2. Use Frost Nova to freeze your enemies and make them vulnerable.
  3. Use Frost Bolt to generate mana.

Choose Those Enhancement Slots as a Sorceress in Diablo 4

Each class has its own special feature. In the case of the Sorceress, it is the enhancements with which you can upgrade spells. To play this build optimally, select the following enhancements from level 15:

  • At the beginning, choose the fireball to make it easier to eliminate larger groups.
  • At level 30 you unlock the 2nd slot and select the chain lightning. Also change the Fireball to Arc Lash.

Sorceress Level Build: The Right Equipment Values and Legendarys

So that you are not completely lost when it comes to your equipment, we tell you which stats you should prioritise and which legendary aspects are suitable for this build.

  • Weapon: Choose a two-handed staff instead of a wand to deal more damage per hit.
  • Armor: For your armor, but also for your weapon, pay attention to the following values in this order:
    1. DPS value
    2. +rank of chain lightning
    3. + Cooldown reduction
      + Critical hit chance and crit damage
      + Damage
      + Damage with lightning attacks
      + Damage to healthy and injured enemies
      + Damage while you have full life
      + Attack speed
      + Intelligence
    4. + Damage reduction
      + Element Resistance
    5. + Crowd Control Duration
      + Movement Speed
      + Life
  • Gems: For gems, you must collect and socket 3 types:
    • Weapon: Sapphire for critical hit chance on Crowd Controlled enemies.
    • Armor: Ruby for more life.
    • Jewelry: Diamond for higher resistance.

Legendary: As a Sorceress, you have a few more legendary aspects to choose from when leveling up, which give your abilities a boost. However, the Recharging aspect you get by completing the Zenith Dungeon in Fractured Peaks is especially important here and is your top priority. This aspect gives you mana when your chain lightning jumps from one enemy to the next.

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