Diablo 4: The Immortal Necromancer Blood Mist Build

Published: May. 12, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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During the Diablo 4 Beta at the weekend, one class, in particular, topped the charts for the strongest builds. The Necromancer with his Blood Mist build was not only super strong but also immortal. We will tell you how the build works.

This is what happened: On the weekend of March 24 to 27, the public beta of Diablo 4 took place, in which everyone could participate. In contrast to the previous closed beta, you could now also play the Necromancer and Druid classes. While the Druid was perceived as rather weak, the Necromancer had a Broken Build. The Blood Mist build was so strong that you could destroy all enemies, elites, and bosses in seconds while being immortal yourself.

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Strongest Necromancer Build in Diablo 4 – Blood Mist Build

During the Diablo 4 beta, the Necromancer had arguably the strongest build. Lots of damage, immortality and self-healing make the Necromancer a destructive force. All you needed was a special Legendary effect, two more at best. YouTuber KhrazeGaming summarized this in a video:


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  • Very strong
  • You are immortal
  • Especially effective in large groups
  • Very easy to play
  • Legendary effect urgently needed
  • Less effective against single bosses
  • Without further legendary effect you are 20% slower

You need these skills at level 25:

  • Decompose [1/5]
    • Enhanced Decompose
    • Initiate's Decompose
  • Bone Spear [4/5]
    • Enhanced Bone Spear
    • Supernatural Bone Spear
  • Blood Mist [1/5]
    • Enhanced Blood Mist
    • Ghastly Blood Mist
  • Corpse Explosion [5/5]
    • Enhanced Corpse Explosion
    • Plagued Corpse Explosion
  • Grim Harvest [1/3]
    • Fueled by Death [3/3]
  • Army of the Dead
    • Prime Army of the Dead
    • Supreme Army of the Dead

In the Book of the Dead, your class-specific skill tree for necromancers, you choose the following companions and their skills:

  • Reaper Skeletal Warrior: 2. Skill
  • Bone Skeletal Mage: 1. Skill
  • Bone Golem: 1. Skill

You need these legendary effects: To play this build, one legendary aspect is particularly important, which is one of the offensive skills.

  • Necessary:
    • Blood Mist: With the aspect for the Blood Mist skill, you automatically cast Corpse Explosion around you.
  • Optional:
    • Bone Spear: The first hit with the Bone Spear weakened your opponents, and the splinters cause greatly increased damage to those targets.
    • Blood Mist: You leave a trail on the ground with Blood Mist, which causes shadow damage. In addition, Blood Mist no longer slows you down.

The first two are offensive effects you can often find on gloves at the curiosity dealer (the Gambler). You can then extract both of them and at best cast them on a weapon and jewel to increase the effect. The 3rd effect is also offensive but is only there to increase your speed.

Important: All 3 of these skills cannot be obtained in dungeons, but only randomly on items.

That's what the build does: Your minions are really only there to do minimal damage and produce more corpses, because that's what this build is built on; corpses. You don't need to have Corpse Explosion active in your slots; it's enough if you have this attack skilled.

Your main attack will be Blood Mist, which will help you become immortal and heal you. Thanks to the passive, you produce another corpse every second, and due to the legendary effect, you automatically detonate them. Due to the passive skill “Enhanced Blood Mist” you regularly reduce the cooldown of the attack and often have it available again as soon as it expires.

Since you constantly destroy all corpses, you cannot revive your Minions. This is where the Army of the Dead comes in. Thanks to the two passives you have skilled from this ability, you have a 15% chance of creating more corpses, and all your warriors and mages are revived at 100%.

This is how you proceed in battle: Summon all your minions and draw a few enemies together. Fire 1-2 Bone Spears into the crowd and then use the Blood Mist. Afterward, everything ends in a huge corpse explosion, and often not much is left standing.

If you have lost your Minions, you can also use the Army of the Dead to revive all of them, deal additional damage, and drop more corpses to explode.

But since you are also constantly generating new corpses, you can also take on bosses that take massive damage here, even if this build is particularly effective against large groups and takes a little longer with individual bosses.

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