Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mike's “Germs Abound” Quest [Quest Guide]

Published: Feb. 29, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024


Mike's initial friendship quest, “Germs Abound,” available in Disney Dreamlight Valley, unlocks once you reach the second friendship level with him. This guide will demonstrate how to complete this quest successfully.

All of Mike’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Start the “Germs Abound” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After reaching friendship level 2 with Mike, you can initiate his “Germs Abound” quest by simply starting a conversation with him. During the dialogue, Mike sneezes multiple times and expresses concern about getting sick through the air. He requests that you purchase safety goggles, since you frequently travel between realms and worlds, which would reassure him.

You can buy the safety goggles from Scrooge McDuck for 30,000 coins and put them on afterward. Once you're wearing the goggles, speak with Mike again.

Keime im Überfluss-Quest, Mike, Disney Dreamlight Valley
Buy the safety goggles and put them on.

Help Mike With His Pollen Allergy

Despite wearing the goggles, Mike still feels uncomfortable and continues to sneeze due to his pollen allergy. To assist him in finding a solution to eliminate the pollen and alleviate his discomfort, you'll need to gather additional ingredients. These ingredients can be found in the houses of the following residents:

  • Suspicious fridge gunk: In Mickey's house, when you open the fridge.
  • Desiccated fishing bait: In Goofy's house, in his nightstand.
  • Ancient crumbs: In Merlin's house, in the purple bag on his desk on the right wall.

Hand over all the ingredients to Mike as soon as you find them.

Water and Collect Flowers in Dreamlight Valley

With the ingredients you've collected, Mike has crafted the Monstrous De-Pollinator Solution, designed to eliminate all the pollen, following a family recipe. Now, you need to apply this solution to your watering can through your inventory. Since all the flowers in the valley are interconnected, your task is to water 10 flowers now.

After watering 10 flowers, your next task is to ensure you have 10 flowers in your inventory and deliver them to Mike.

You can find more quest guides, sorted by character and order, in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide Overview.

Find Mike's Contact Lens on the Dazzling Beach

Due to the flowers you gave Mike, he sneezed so hard that his contact lens was flung to Dazzling Beach. Help Mike find his lost contact lens by heading to the beach.

Upon arrival, you'll receive a clue to follow Mike's snotty trail, which will lead you to the contact lens. Use your watering can to clear away the snotty puddles along the way. At the end of the trail, you'll find yourself standing diagonally in front of the pier, where the contact lens is buried in the sand. Retrieve it and return it to Mike.

Keime im Überfluss-Quest, Mike, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mikes Kontaktlinse am Schimmernden Strand.
Bring Mike his contact lens back.

Dress up as Rosa and Help Mike to Open Up

When you inquire about his sneezing fit, Mike reacts nervously. Clearly stressed out at work because of Rosa and her sister, you begin to wonder if Mike's health is suffering due to this stress. Determined to help him, you decide to dress up as Rosa, hoping that he will confide in you about everything that's bothering him.

For your Rosa mask, you'll need these materials:

  • 15x Fabric: You can purchase it at Kristoff's stand or craft it from cotton on a workbench.
  • 23x Rope: You can craft it from fibers on a workbench.
  • 25x Softwood:  You can find this on the ground in the Main Square, Peaceful Meadow, Glade of Trust, and the Forest of Valor.

Craft the Rosa mask on a workbench and don it. Additionally, wear a red top to complete the Rosa costume. Then, approach Mike and engage him in conversation, aiming to help him open up to you or, rather, to Rosa. Following this exchange, you will have successfully completed the quest.

Keime im Überfluss-Quest, Mike, Disney Dreamlight Valley, dein Rosa-Kostüm
Craft the Rosa mask and complete the costume with a red top.

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