Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sulley's “The Power of Knowledge”-Quest [Quest Guide]

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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Reaching the seventh friendship level with Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley unlocks the “The Power of Knowledge” quest. Our guide will now show you how to successfully complete Sulley's third friendship quest.

All Friendship Quests of Sulley:

Start The “The Power of Knowledge”-Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Talk to Sulley to start his “Power of Knowledge” quest. During the conversation, Sulley tells you that Vanellope reminds him of his friend Boo, which is why he wants to teach her something about electricity. For this reason, he asks you to build a lemon clock — a clock powered by lemons, for which you have to gather the following materials:

  • 10x Lemons
  • 2x Iron Ingots

How to Get All the Materials:

Iron Ingot: You can obtain iron ore by mining rocks in the Glade of Trust, the Sunlit Plateau, the Forgotten Lands, the Frosted Heights, or the Forest of Valor. Iron bars can then be crafted on a workbench using 5x iron ore and 1x coal, which yields one iron bar.

Lemon: Lemons grow on trees in the Glade of Trust and the Forest of Valor, where you can easily harvest them. It takes 27 minutes for new lemons to grow back. One lemon has a coin value of 33 and an energy value of +400.

Help Sulley to Make a Game for Vanelleope

Give the lemon clock to Sulley and listen as he explains electricity to Vanellope using the clock as an example. Vanellope doesn't understand the topic, and Sulley wonders how he can make her understand and enjoy learning something new. Since Sulley is unsure of what to do next, you suggest turning it all into a video game to reach Vanellope.

He remembers that they trained the Scarers back then on a Frightcade, which is still inside the Monsters Inc., on the Laugh Floor, and asks you to retrieve it. You can find the Frightcade next to the green vending machine, in the hallway on the way to the reception on the Laugh Floor.

Die Macht des Wissens Sulley Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley
Get the Frightcade at the Reception of the Laugh Floor.

Craft the Dreamlight Magic Arcade Game

Bring the Frightcade to Sulley and let him install the parts he got from WALL-E. Sulley is puzzled that the machine doesn't work, even though the laughter energy is quite stable. You then notice that everything in the valley runs on Dreamlight energy, which is why you have to transform the Frightcade into an arcade machine that is running by Dreamlight magic.

For this Transformation, you have to craft the following Materials:

  • 6x Gold Ingots
  • 5x Purified Night Shards
  • (1x Frightcade)

How to Get All the Necessary Materials:

Gold Ingot: A gold bar is crafted from 5x gold and 1x coal on a workbench. Gold ore is obtained by mining rocks in the Sunlit Plateau, the Forgotten Lands, or the Frosted Heights.

Purified Night Shards: A purified night shard is crafted from 5x night shards and 1x dream shard on a workbench. Night shards and dream shards can be obtained, for example, by digging up glittering spots in the ground or by feeding the animals.

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Place the Arcade Machine in the Valley and Complete the Quest

Take the arcade machine to Sulley, who then assigns you the task of placing the machine in the valley and starting it while he prepares other things. Place the machine in any location and turn it on using the action button.

You return to Sulley and report that the machine is working, which he wants to inform Vanellope about. Listen to Sulley and Vanellope during their conversation, and speak to Sulley one last time to complete the quest.

Die Macht des Wissens Sulley Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley
Place the arcade machine in the Valley.

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