Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sulleys “The Scavenger Hunt”-Quest [Quest Guide]

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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Once you reach level 10 of your friendship with Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you unlock Sulley's final friendship quest, “The Scavenger Hunt.” In this guide, we'll show you how to complete this quest successfully.

All Sulley Quests:

Start the “The Scavenger Hunt” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Talk to Sulley to start his scavenger hunt quest. Sulley has come up with a new project for your village and asks you to help him organize it. Sulley has chosen the participants for the scavenger hunt: Vanellope, Olaf, and Stitch. He's not sure if he wants to ask Donald too, which is why he is leaving this decision up to you.

Your task now is to speak to the participants and Donald, if you like, and invite them to Sulley's scavenger hunt. If you ask Donald Duck if he would like to participate, he will decline, leaving you with the original three participants: Vanellope, Olaf, and Stitch, who accepted the invitation. Go to Sulley's house now to start the scavenger hunt.

Listen to Sulley in his house while he gives the instructions to the three scavenger hunt participants, and speak with him afterward. In your conversation, Sulley asks you to support the participants if they get stuck with finding the clues. However, you must solve the puzzles on your own, as Sulley doesn't want to give you any hints.

Find the First Location of the Scavenger Hunt

The first clue you receive is that you need to go to a 'royal hall with lots of doors,' which is why you go to the Dream Castle and talk to Olaf, who is already there waiting for you. After you tell Olaf that you want to help him, he gives you the clue he found before. The clue informs you that you have to 'find the third clue near the Wizard made of Gold.'

You will find the golden wizard on the highest level of Dream Castle in the form of a golden Mickey Mouse statue. The third clue is located to the left of the left door, which is behind the statue, along with two other doors. Pick up the clue and hand it over to Olaf, who reads it to you: “Go under the cascade, and don't be afraid”.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sulleys „Die Schnitzeljagd“-Quest
Find the third clue inside the Dream castle.

Find the Second Location of the Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to the third clue, you now know that you have to go to the Vitalys Mines on the Sunlit Plateau, where you meet Stitch, who got lost. Stitch asks for your help with the clue he found: “Underground, there's a babbling pool; quick, cast your hook.” Thanks to the clue, you know you have to equip your fishing rod.

Cross the small stone bridge inside the Vitalys Mines and walk past the table on the other side until you find the entrance to a higher floor on the left side. Inside the small pool that is in front of the little waterfall, you can see an orange circle, from which you can fish the next clue before giving it to Stitch to find out where you have to go next. The fifth clue tells you: “Hope your veggies aren't stemmy when you visit Chéz…”

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sulleys „Die Schnitzeljagd“-Quest
Find the fifth clue in the Vitalys Mines.
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Find the Third and Final Location of the Scavenger Hunt

What's missing at the end of this small rhyme is the name of Remy's restaurant, Chéz Remy, to where you must go now. In the restaurant, Vanellope is already waiting for you, reading you the last clue: “My secret can only be revealed as I simmer with a POWERful citrus fruit…”

Go to the restaurant's cooking station and put the clue, along with one lemon, into the pot. This creates the decoded final clue that you bring to Vanellope. Vanellope wants you to take the clue and talk to Sulley to win the scavenger hunt because you helped all three participants.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sulleys „Die Schnitzeljagd“-Quest 3/3
Craft the Decoded Final Clue.

Build the Sulley Statue

Talking to Sulley, he asks you to check on Stitch and Vanellope, who are working on a top-secret project. From Vanellope, you learn that she and Stitch are building a Sulley statue to surprise and thank him for the scavenger hunt. She asks you to gather the missing materials so she and Stitch can finish building the Sulley statue.

  • 25x Purple Flowers
  • 15x Blueberries
  • 2x Boiled Eggs

How to Get the Materials:

Purple Flowers: Where you can find purple flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Main Game
  • Purple Rising Penstemon (Plaza)
  • Purple Hydrangea (Dazzle Beach)
  • Purple Impatiens (Forgotten Lands)
  • Purple Marsh Milkweed (Glade of Trust)
  • Purple Bell Flower (Forest of Valor)
A Rift in Time
  • Purple Fly Trap (the Grasslands, the Promenade)
  • Purple Cactus Flower (the Oasis, the Borderlands)

Blueberries: Blueberries grow in the Forest of Valor and on the Dazzle Beach on bushes. After you've harvested them, they grow back after 23 minutes. Each blueberry is worth 29 coins and provides 350 energy.

Boiled Eggs: You can buy eggs for 220 coins at Remy’s Shop, which is located at the back of his restaurant. Then, toss the eggs into the pot, resulting in boiled eggs.

Complete the Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bring your collected materials to Stitch, who will then craft the Sulley statue and hand it back to you. Place the statue in your valley and then speak to Sulley one last time to finish the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sulleys „Die Schnitzeljagd“-Quest
Place Sulley's Statue in your Valley.

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