Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sulley's “Villager of the Month”-Quest [Quest Guide]

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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By reaching Friendship Level 4 with Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you unlock his second friendship quest called “Villager of the Month”. In this guide, we'll walk you through the entire quest so you can complete it successfully.

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Start the “Villager of the Month” Quest in Dreamlight Valley

After reaching the fourth friendship level with Sulley, talk to him to start his “Villager of the Month” quest. This quest is special because it includes three additional individual quests.

In your conversation with Sulley, he tells you that he's come up with something to encourage other villagers to get more involved in improving the village: the Villager of the Month award. As participants who are already working on their projects, he mentions Mike, Donald, and Ursula. So, your next task is to speak with them.

Author's note: You can start the villagers' quests directly after speaking with them, or you can talk to everyone first and then work through the quests one by one.

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Mike's “Villager of the Month” Project

In the conversation about his planned project to become “Villager of the Month,” Mike tells you that he intends to cook Sulley's favorite dish, “Hodgepodge a la Monstropolis,” for the entire village. After the conversation, you notice that you've received Mike's quest, which you can start in the tasks menu whenever you like.

For Hodgepodge a la Monstropolis, you're supposed to bring him the following fresh ingredients:

  • 2x Carrots
  • 2x Corn
  • 2x Bell Peppers

To carry out Mike's project, you need to grow and harvest these vegetables. You can get carrot seeds at Goofy's stand in the Peaceful Meadow, corn seeds at Goofy's stand on the Dazzling Beach, and Bell Pepper seeds are sold by Goofy at his stand in the Forest of Valor. The time it takes for the vegetables to be ready for harvesting is 12 minutes for corn and 15 minutes for carrots and bell peppers.

Bring the harvested vegetables to Mike, who will then refer you to Remy. Remy will tell you that fresh compost should be added to the dish, which you can find and collect around the restaurant. With the fresh compost, you now have all the ingredients you need to cook Sulley's favorite dish, “Hodgepodge a la Monstropolis,” twice. Then, bring the finished dishes back to Mike.

Mikes Projekt in Sulleys Dorfbewohner des Monats Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Prepare “Hodgepodge a la Monstropolis” two times.

Ursula's “Villager of the Month” Project

Ursula aims to win the competition by creating perfumes that smell like the villagers' favorite activities. After finishing your conversation with Ursula, you receive her competition quest, which you can select immediately in the tasks menu.

To craft three perfumes from Ursula, you'll need the following materials:

  • 3x Empty Vial: Crafted from glass on a workbench.
  • 6x Seaweed: Can be caught in any body of water.
  • 6x Purple Rising Penstemon: Found in the Peaceful Meadow.
  • 3x Purple Hydrangea: Found on Dazzling Beach.

Once you've gathered all the materials, you can use them to craft the three Perfumes of the Sea Enchantment and then bring them to Ursula. She wants you to present the perfumes as gifts to Merlin, Mike, and Goofy. Thereafter, speak to Ursula again to successfully complete her project quest.

Ursulas Projekt in Sulleys Dorfbewohner des Monats Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Craft Ursula's perfumes on a workbench.

Donald's “Villager of the Month” Project

Donald wants to be photographed for his contribution to the competition, showing him cleaning up trash from Dazzle Beach. After finishing the conversation, you can select Donald's Quest at any time through the tasks menu.

Go with Donald to the beach and position yourself so that you can see Donald and the trash. Then, take three photos of Donald next to the trash and hand the photos over to Donald, who will ask you to clean up the trash, which you can do by using your shovel.

After you have removed the trash, you need to speak to Donald again. He has chosen one of the three pictures and asks you to take it to Sulley. You notice that Donald has painted much more trash in the picture than there actually was, but Donald still wants you to give it to Sulley.

Donalds Projekt in Sulleys Dorfbewohner des Monats Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Take a picture of Donald and the trash on Dazzling Beach.

The Winner of the Villager of the Month Competition

After successfully completing all three project quests of the villagers, you return to Sulley and talk to him. He tells you that Mike isn't the winner of the “Villager of the Month” competition and asks you to break it to Mike gently, as he can be sensitive at times.

You then inform Mike, who sees the setback as motivation, and report back to Sulley, who is relieved about it. Additionally, Sulley crowns you as the winner of the competition. All you have to do now is place the signboard somewhere in the village to make your success official. Once you've done this, a small gathering takes place, after which you talk to Sulley to complete the quest.

Sulleys Dorfbewohner des Monats Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Place your award in any location within the village.

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