Elden Ring: Find the Potion of Forgetfulness in Volcano Manor

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In Fromsoftware’s RPG Elden Ring you need the Potion of Forgetfulness for Rya’s quests. In our guide, we’ll tell you where to get it in Volcano Manor, what you need it for and how to complete Rya’s quest.

How to find the Potion of Forgetfulness

Once you progress in Rya’s questline in Volcano Manor, you will be given the task to enter the house and defeat the boss “Godskin Noble”. You will then enter the Temple of Eiglay and find the Altar of the Serpent Champion. You then have to give the Altar back to Rya.

How to get the Potion of Forgetfulness: Now if you use the Site of Grace, Rya will disappear, and you will have to talk to Tanith, the lady of Volcano Manor. If you tell her about Rya’s disappearance, she will give you the Potion of Forgetfulness to give to Rya.

This is where you’ll find Rya now: Rya is now in the Volcano Manor. The best way to find her is to use the northwest exit from the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace and take the elevator up. At the top, head northwest and jump out the window on your left. There you will find Rya’s hideout.

Rya final location elden ring

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Complete Rya’s quest

Once you have spoken to Rya, you have 3 options what you can do:

  • Killing Rya: The easiest option is to do Rya’s wish and strike her down with a weapon of choice. She then turns into a snake and drops the talisman “Daedicar’s Woe”. Daedicar’s Woe doubles the damage received.
  • Ignore Rya’s Request: If you ignore Rya’s request, you can kill Rykard instead. This is the final boss in Volcano Manor. Defeating Rykard will also give you the talisman and a letter from Rya.
  • Give Rya the Potion of Forgetfulness: If you give Rya the Potion of Forgetfulness, she will just fall asleep. If you then kill Rykard, you will find Rya at her original position, and she will also give you the talisman “Daedicar’s Woe”.

YouTuber “Its Shatter” has uploaded detailed instructions for Rya’s entire quest line:


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