Elden Ring: The best Staffs for beginners and veterans

Published: May. 07, 2022
Updated: May. 09, 2022

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In Elden Ring, magic is an effective way to stand up to the evil monsters. We show you the best Staff for beginners and veterans in our guide.

In the RPG Elden Ring you can fight against all the opponents with different weapons and use different tactics. In long-distance combat, Magic Staffs have proven their worth, shooting through the enemy masses with their magical attacks.

Perfect for beginners: The Meteorite Staff

By far the best Staff for beginners is the Meteorite Staff. You can find it quite early in the game and shoot your way through the first bosses with it.

Here's where you'll find the Meteorite Staff: Once you've got your horse "Torrent", head south again and make a detour east to the water. There you go to the "Dragon Burnt Ruins".

Dragon-Burnt-RuinsThere you will find a staircase that will lead you underground. Watch out for the rats and open the chest you find there. It is a trap that teleports you to the "Sellia Crystal Tunnel". Exit the hut and go left through the tunnels. Behind the Site of Grace you will find the exit that will take you to Caelid.


Head southwest and walk through the swamp until you find the Street of Sages Ruins. You can find the meteorite staff inside the ruins on a corpse in one of the ruined towers. The place is guarded by poisonous plant monsters. You can either fight the plants or sneak around the tower and collect the weapon through one of the windows.

This is the Meteorite Staff: The Meteorite Staff has an S rank in Intelligence Scaling and a passive bonus to Gravity Spells. You need 18 Intelligence and 16 Strength to wield the staff at its best. You can carry the staff up to about level 50-60. Since it cannot be upgraded, it is pretty much useless afterwards.

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Unbeatable for veterans: The Azur's Glintstone Staff

At first glance, Azur's Glintstone Staff may not seem very powerful. But you can upgrade it by 25 levels, which makes the Staff an absolute monster. But with a requirement of 52 intelligence, only for real magicians.

Here's where to find Azur's Glinstone Staff: You have to fight your way through the academy and defeat the "Red Wolf of Radagon" boss. Then start at the "Debate Parlor" Site of Grace and run through the large double doors into the courtyard. Climb the broken staircase on your left and run past the mages.


As you can see from our map, you have to jump over the roofs and overcome some obstacles. On the way, you will meet some enemies - mostly mages, but you can ignore them. At the end, a nasty crossbowman stands in your way, which you have to defeat in order to finally get to the room where the magic wand is.

Since the way is not that easy, we include a good video from the YouTuber Gaming with Abyss here:


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This is the Azur's Glintstne Staff: The Azur's Glinstone Staff has a B rank in Intelligence Scaling and a passive bonus to cast speed on all attacks at the expense of FP. You need 52 Intelligence and 10 Strength to wield the staff at its best. You can upgrade the staff 25 times to further increase the stats. A bit weak at the beginning, the staff unfolds its full power and is an absolute must for mage builds in the endgame.

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